Winter Wardens Hosted By Birdcage Disc Golf

Saturday, February 10, 2018 at Scera Park in Orem, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament

This is a single round of 18 holes. Flex start from 10AM to 2PM. You will get two wardens and a Jr Emac Truth.

Open Men
Intermediate Men

Prizes will be given to first place for each division.

Refund policy

Birdcage Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

Intermediate Men
Round 1: Scera Park - Winter Wardens, 19 holes, par 57
1Russ Terry5151
2Justin Jenkins5252
3Bryan Robison5353
3PJ Jones5353
5Adrian Estrella5454
5Charles taggart5454
5Kevin Frandsen5454
5Lucas Miller5454
5Spencer Moulton5454
10Chandler Simkins5555
10Jacob Addis5555
10Jacob Smith5555
10Jesse Berry5555
10Jon Bennett5555
10Taylor banks5555
16Bobby Lythgoe5656
17Bryson Banks5757
17Eddie Rubey5757
17Garrett Colwell5757
17TC Bercier5757
21Jeremy banks5858
22Mike Cowan5959
23Clint Johnson6060
23Justin Rowley6060
25Ben Borup6161
25Sean Fowler6161
27Cory Allmon6262
27Cory Bentley6262
27David Powell6262
27Larry McCandless6262
27Sawyer Spalding6262
32Chayson Yates6363
33Abel Whatcott6464
33Ken Allmon6464
35Ryker Jenkins6868
36Jeremy Hughes6969
37Joshua Fowler7070
Open Men
1Thomas holley4444
2Weston Ringger4747
3Andy Hall4949
3That guy chance4949
3Toni Vakaafi4949
6Jared Obrien5050
6Jesse Adams5050
8Brock Shepherd5151
8Chris Norman5151
10Calvin Poon5353
11Geoffrey powell5454
11Tanner Ferre5454
13Nate Bjarnson5555
14Colton stratton5656
15Adam Harvey5757
15Corey Clayton5757
17Josh Wadley5858
18Preston Squire6767
19Rood Jorge'-0
19Ryland Rigby-0
19Toood Wilki-0
1Ashley Hall6464
2Emily Dison7070
3Amanda Jenkins7777
4Jamie wadley-0