Winter Games - Meijer State Games of Michigan

PDGA logoSaturday, February 15, 2020 at Earl W. Brewer Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Winter Games is considered an Olympic style event and is held in several states. Michigan has hosted both Winter and Summer Games and has seen immense growth, both in sports and participants, due to the hard work put in by the Meijer State Games of Michigan and West Michigan Sports Commission crews.

Grand Rapids Dogs of Disc will be hosting at Earl Brewer Park.

Players will be competing for medals, prizes (CTPs & LPs), optional ACE Pool (on site entry only) , optional 50/50 (on site entry only), and disc golf items for placement in their AM division.

**Note - A small fee will be pulled from registration fees to pay for medals and will also be used to help pay any fees accrued for park usage. This fee will be as minimal as it can be to try to keep winning payouts as high as possible.

Reservations for the event may also be made by going to the Meijer State Games of Michigan website: Please notify Brandon via the comment section of your entry, as notifications are not sent when participants register through the ClearThunder system. Thank you

A big note of thanks to our sponsors: The 84th Street Pub and Grille : ; Stoppa Signs:; Byron Center United Methodist Church:; Frisci Disc, Schmohz, Disc Baron,Great Lakes Disc Dr. E-Cig...

Disclaimer: The settings of this tournament may be changed to include or remove information that is missing or inaccurate. Tournaments are listed to provide you with disc golf pleasure throughout the year. Your attendance is greatly appreciated and will hopefully be rewarded. A minimum of 3 players is preferred and requested per division, but accommodations will be made to best match a player's preference if there aren't enough participants for their division.

Refund policy

Grand Rapids Dogs of Disc is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. If you cancel night before and or day of you will get a players pack no money back. The reason for this is you used that spot up and is not guaranteed to fill if you cancel.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Kevin Baldwin6055115$200
2Nick Gill5760117$140
3Bradley Levendosky Jr6059119$90
4Trevor Balfour6160121$70
5Johnny Cupp5863121$50
6Jacob Kroll6062122$22
7Noah Lantinga6360123
8Sancho Valdez6559124
9Joshua Tobias6164125
10Mike Dabkowski6662128
12Brandon Holmes7163134
13James Wareck6670136
14Kyle Blanchard7775152
15Rex Loveless--0
1Matthew Crawford6465129$50
2Derrick Andrew6367130$30
3Alex Raguckis6566131$25
4Matt Petter6767134
4Zach Heerema6965134
6Joey Cupp7167138
Amateur 50+
1Steve Klasen7061131$35
2Scotty D Adkins7272144$20
3Ric Donovan7274146
1Jeff Dabkowski6359122$50
2Kory Ruddick6363126$40
3William Stephan6464128$30
4Jake Luettke6567132$20
4Zachary Stuefen6963132$20
6Doug Smith6766133
6Jason Storm6964133
8Erik Boczkaja6866134
9Matt Witham7069139
10Ezeqial Garza7569144
11Brenden Crowe76-76
1Noah Dieteich6966135$40
2Scott Fenner6671137$35
3Jake Szymanski6972141$30
4Tyler Holmes7469143$25
5Natividad Monsalvo iv7773150$15
6Clayton James7775152
6Jacob Gumowski7577152
8Ian Parker7777154
8Larry Luettke Jr7678154
10Matthew Dangremond7976155
11Ben Mastruserio7284156
Recreational Women
1Mayra Hernandez7772149$25
2Shanon Lockwood7982161
Junior 15
1Kamden Clark7767144$20