Lubbock Windriders Veterans for Vets

Saturday, February 29, 2020 at McCullough Park in Lubbock, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

Lubbock Windriders Veterans for Vets graphic


Tournament DirectorRob Lee
Tournament AssistantMatt Ryan

About this tournament

We are excited to to bring the First Annual Veterans for Vets Winter Event by Dynamic Discs to Lubbock! The goals of this event are:

1. Recognize and honor veteran disc golfers (and veteran relatives of disc golfers).
2. Support a local veterans' organization.
3. Have fun and grow the sport of disc golf in a slower time of the year.

Our local veteran organization will be VetStar (! We are so excited to partner with this fantastic organization!

Each registered player will receive a player's package including 2 discs (one putter and one non-putter) and a raffle ticket. The raffle grand prize is a veteran basket (someone in the tournament will be going home with a new Veteran basket!). Trophy mini discs (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place) will be awarded in each division. There will be a special "veterans only" raffle as well.

Players that register online by February 12 will receive an additional raffle ticket and can choose their players package discs. Raffle tickets can be purchased on the day of the event for $5.00 each. Players that register the day of the event may choose their players package from the discs available at the event.

Thank you to all veterans and we can't wait to see you in February!

Refund policy

Dynamic Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

1Justin Pena4848
2Will Watson5252
3Randall Patten5252
4Steven Combescure5252
5Jonah Ellis5353
6Christopher Corbin5353
7Jeff Emrich5353
8Levi Barnett5353
9Matt Ryan5353
9Tim Doty5353
11Adrian Zapata5454
11Three Jay5454
13Johnny Guzman5454
14J.T. Seymore5454
15Javier Toucet5454
16Timothy Moralez5656
17Chris Bergman5757
18Shane Slough5858
19Jordan Poff5858
20Paul Cartwright5959
21Armando DeLaCerda6060
22Mat Colt6060
23Derik Gawlik6262
24Andrew Dover-0
1Brooke McBride6969
2Maylene Livingston7676
1Mike B5050
2Ethan Morte5252
3Trey Ward5353
4Vicente Trujillo5454
5Greg Farnsworth5656
6Drew Munoz5757
7William Beloyeu5858
8Bruce Carter5959
9Joe Longoria6060
10Freddie Hernandez6060
11Cody Metcalf6060
12Sheldon Staggs6161
13Trey Kelley6161
14Joe Cool6262
15Daniel Stevens6262
16Matt Ellison6363
17Sean Bullard6464
18Justin Seymour6565
19Burr Vargas6868
20Mark Ruggles6969
21Jason Walker7272
1Angel Lopez5252
2Cameron Bugg5454
3Garrett Sakhel5555
4Sam Ordaz5656
5Cullen Williams5656
6Nick Hester5858
7Migel Rodriguez5959
8Rob Craig6060
9Taylor Thompson6161
10Michael Morales6161
11Raul Conover6464
12Nico Munoz6565
13Jason Bigham6666
14Eric Moralez6666
15Jt R6767
16Eric Garces6868
17Benji Rios6868
18Art Williams7070
19Colton Elliott7070
20Jimmy Gray7070
20Luke Mix7070
22Adrian Diaz7171
22Lalo Rios7171
24Jason Kroon7272
25Joey Gray7676
26Oliver Doty8686
27Andrew Gawlik8888
28Trevor Thompson-0
1Jenny Munn5959
1Toby Metcalf4444
2David Lee Hernandez4545
3Marcace Roberts4646
4Jamie Kemp4747
5Darren Lawless5252
6Mike Medina5252
7Owen Parker5555
1Lisa Gallagher6868
1Ricky Rodriguez5353
2Jeremy Ellis5555
3Allen Ruiz5757
4Roy Turner5858
5Rob Lee5858
6Max Richards6161
7Jacob Ellis6262
8Shannon Gray6262
9Peter S6565
10Daniel Briones6666
11Doug Pechal-0
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