Wiffs Finale "Winters Last Hurrah"

PDGA logoSunday, March 27, 2022 at Boylan Acres in Monrovia, Indiana
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

This charity fundraiser will benefit Monrovia Christian Church Food Pantry here locally. This is the last stop for WIFFS 2022. We plan to accommodate at least 144 players. Both courses will be in the short positions. All players will play from the same short tee pads.



Optional $5 ace, $5 CTP

All events are PDGA Sanctioned C-tiers through the Competition Endowment Program, so there is no $10 non-member fee.

Player pack disc with a series stamp to all amateur and pro trophy only players.

Player's green fees will be reduced from $10 to $5 for all players.

Each player will get points based on the percentage of players in the event they beat, max of 90 points.
Each player will also receive 10 points for participating, for a total of 100 possible points per event.
Player's top 10 performances plus all participation points earned will count toward end of series awards.

Series trophies will be presented to the winners of the following divisions:
MPO, MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4, MA40, MA50, MA60, Juniors, and Women
These division winners will also earn a qualification spot in the 2022 Indiana State Championships.
Top overall Amateur will earn a paid entry into the Ledgestone Insurance Open (amateur side only).

Each player will get free raffle entries based on the number of events they play.
n events = n^2 entries
1 event = 1 entry
2 events = 4 entries
3 events = 9 entries
30 events = 900 entries
31 events = 961 entries

Refund policy

Steve Boylan is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55823
1Jared Tribbett5152103$65
2Payton Staman5553108
3Blake Miles6050110$35
4Paul Oconnor5955114
5Martin Durrett6056116
1Justin MCluen5552107$120
2Zachary Biberstine5454108$85
3David Martin5654110$55
3Peter Jara5258110$55
5Dave Richardson5956115$40
6Nelson Cano5957116$30
7Rob Sparks5760117$20
8Cory Gallagher6058118
9Billy Ray Osborn5861119
10Jason LaBella6060120
11Dale Sapp6161122
12Kevin Cook5865123
13Chris Golden6064124
13Tim Murphy6262124
15Kevin Sabo6866134
16Steve Boylan--0
1Ike Homburg5552107
2Daniel Mcneil5652108
3Joshua Becerra5258110
4Jaden Phillips5656112
5Connor McKanna5459113
6Adam Osborn5757114
7Kevin Cheney5659115
8Alex Hoffmann5859117
8Kyle Lees5760117
10Jeff McCracken5860118
11Jeremy Sumpter6161122
12Tyler Hogan5964123
13Duston Moore64-64
1Pete Wilson5657113
2Shawn Carson5858116
3Brad Boehmer6162123
4Mike Stanley6361124
5Brent Stillabower6764131
6Jimmy McKanna6270132
7Lance Williamson7166137
1Anthony Lowhorn5762119
2Tom Brown6463127
3Harold I Mundy6662128
4Eric Moss6863131
5Todd VanWinkle6968137
6Thomas Miller7466140
7David Prather7766143
1Richard E Beedle6060120
2Dave Dolph6160121
3Jeff Nugent6761128
4Bill Coughlin6870138
1Kevin Stewart5658114
2Todd Ronchetti5955114
3Joshua T Trujillo6155116
3Zach Weinkauf6056116
5Giancarlo Milano5662118
6Andrew Buess6752119
7Mitch Dominguez6159120
8Ben Goldstein5764121
8Brayden VanSlyke6061121
10Gratien Desager5864122
10Ted Britton6062122
12Joe Robert5867125
12Ron Hutson6758125
14Ray Allee6661127
15Tyler Fischer6566131
16Jerimiah Adams6766133
16Trenton Cadwell6766133
18Matty Ice6671137
19Warren Gingrich7266138
20Chris Milano62-62
1Pascal Liberge6158119
2Jesse Renihan5861119
3Alex Burns5765122
3Andrew Williamson6359122
5Joshua Mcdonald6162123
6Imanuel Bernard6361124
6Josh Echterling6361124
8Will Cromer6363126
9Neil Ayres6067127
10Steve F6860128
11Brendan Coraggio6267129
12Rudolph G Buchholz6565130
13Dallas Honeycutt6368131
13Sean Gorman6368131
15Aaron Smith6270132
16Shawn Williams6964133
17Ian Tinsley6668134
17Knut Peterson7361134
19Devon Bossingham6772139
20Zachariah Stamper7170141
21Elijah Maness78-78
1Mark Davis6665131
2Jonathan Boutell6567132
3Travis Abernathy6668134
4Tony VanWinkle7065135
5Jeremy Pugh7266138
5Tyler Hobbs6969138
7Byron Butterfield7168139
8Cory A Shaw7072142
9Jason Knoop7472146
10Andrew Haase7375148
11Quoleman Pike7376149
12Cristopher Ayres7577152
12Nathan Mathews7478152
14Darryn Newton7777154
1Kacie Gallagher7060130
2Amber Cook7370143
3LisSandra Britton8073153
4Lauren McKanna7588163
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