Why Are Trees? (Glow at Clark's Run)

Saturday, June 26, 2021 at Clark's Run Disc Golf Course in Leesburg, Virginia
Disc golf teams tournament

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About this tournament

This is a one round fundraiser event for Freedom Center, host of Clark's Run Disc Golf Course. Players will be playing 27 holes of glow disc golf, Fredrock style (AKA best lie triples), and will be placed on a 3 person team based on skill level. All baskets will be lit and lights will be available for players.

Why Are Trees, a poem by Nathan Sexton

If you ask me “What are trees?” I’ll tell you right quick, Woody plants, by the billions, some thin and some thick!
“How are trees?” - you’d retort, and I’d tell you that too, A story of seeds, pollinators and small starts that grew,
“Where are trees?” you’d then query, “that you can’t prove!” Go outside, there are trees, and if not, you should move!!
I sit back and recline having answered your questions, But then a smirk starts to form as you look my direction,
You open your mouth and utter these words: “Why are trees?”
In an instant I’m changed, at a loss, and befuddled, The picture I’d painted so clearly is muddled,
Why is anything here? Why is anything not? How can I answer without weeks of thought?
I must tell you I don’t know, as I fall to my knees, I’m haunted, I’m sleepless, I’m adrift on the seas,
Reality floats off, and up, out, and back, All logic is gone, and each night I’m attacked,
I’m shaking and shivering and starting to freeze, The only thing left now is to scream - “Why are trees?!?”

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Saturday, June 26, 2021
8:00pmPlayers Meeting

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$20.00RPAGold [rating 970+]
$20.00RADWhite [rating <935]
$20.00RAFGreen [rating <850]