Who Ya Callin Yella

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 13-14, 2022 at Hippo Ridge DGC in Athens, Ohio
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The course is located at 9888 East Copeland Road, Stewart OH, 45778.

The tournament extends over two days with one round of 18 holes on the Hippo Ridge Yellow Course each day, using a shotgun start. Both the red and blue divisions will play from the yellow tees. The tournament director reserves the right to reassign players to the division which matches the player's rating.

The Yellow Course is designed for advanced players who can accurately drive at least 300 feet. A PDGA rating of at least 850 is recommended.

Follow the signs for parking at the top of Hippo Ridge behind the shed. Do not park in the normal Hippo Ridge parking area along side the driveway. Park head-in or back-in against a string marker.

Score reporting will use the PDGA Digital Scorecard. Each group (card) should maintain a second scorecard using a different technology such as U-Disc. Physical score cards will also be available. At the end of each round of play, the two scorecards must be reconciled.

The Hippo Ridge LAF bell will be rung twice at the 2-minute warning and several times at the start.

EVERY PLAYER MUST CONFIRM THEIR SCORE on the PDGA Digital Scorecard before leaving Hippo Ridge.

There will be no awards ceremony. The winner of each division will have their name painted on a hippo and displayed at Hippo Ridge for a period of one year.


In case of a weather emergency, the LAF bell will be rung continuously for one minute. Proceed to your vehicle and remain inside until the emergency is over. Both winds over 20 mph and lightning constitute an emergency.


Along with the general hazards of being in the woods in Ohio in June, please anticipate the following tripping hazards: stumps, holes, and tee markers.


A porta john will be located at the junction of holes 7 and 18.

Three chilled-water serving stations will be located on the course. BYO water bottle.


Mandatory routes are marked on holes 1, 5, 9, 10, 14, 17, and 18. A throw that passes the mandatory marker on the wrong side receives one penalty throw. The line for determining whether or not the throw has passed the mandatory is the line formed by extending the plane of the mandatory sign until it intersects the ground. The lie for the next throw is anywhere along a line extending from directly below the mandatory sign to a point FIVE METERS away along a line formed by the extending the plane of the mandatory sign until it intersects the ground.

A one-stroke penalty is assigned for missing a mandatory.


East Copeland Road is out of bounds. If any part of a player’s disc lies above grass, the disc is not out of bounds. Anything to the left of the wire fence on the left side of 13 is also out of bounds.

If a disc is determined to be out of bounds, the new lie should be marked on a line that is perpendicular to the out-of-bounds line at the point where the disc entered the out-of-bounds area and up to FIVE METERS horizontally away from the out-of-bounds line

If the position of the thrown disc is not out of bounds but within TWO METERS of an out-of-bounds line, the lie may be relocated to a new lie at any point on a TWO-METER line that extends perpendicularly from the nearest point on the out-of-bounds line and passes through the center of the thrown disc.

The Hippo Ridge gravel driveway is not out of bounds.

A one-stroke penalty is assigned for a throw that comes to rest in an out of bounds area.


Players MUST take relief from brush piles that are located throughout the course. If a player’s disc has come to rest on or in a brush pile and the player is unable to take a stance with all supporting points in contact with the ground, the player MUST establish a lie that is on the line of play (to the basket), farther from the target, and at the nearest point that provides relief. There is no penalty for this adjustment.


Players may take optional relief from standing or flowing water anywhere on the course. To obtain relief, the player may mark a new lie that is on the line of play, farther from the target, and up to TWO METERS from the nearest point that provides relief. There is no penalty for this adjustment.

Refund policy

Hippo Ridge Disc Golf Course is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Saturday, August 13, 2022
8:30amGates open.
12:00pmCheck in begins. There will be no on-site registration.
1:00pmCheck in deadline. Players not present at this time will not be assigned to cards.
1:20pmRound one begins.
Sunday, August 14, 2022
7:30amGates Open.
9:00amRound two begins.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$10 additional fee for players without current PDGA memberships.
For help choosing a division, see the PDGA guidelines
$15.00RAHBlue [rating <970]
$15.00RAERed [rating <900]
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