Whale Rock Wine Down Tourney- 4th Annual

Saturday, August 11, 2018 at Whale Rock DGC in Templeton, California
Disc golf singles tournament

Whale Rock Wine Down Tourney- 4th Annual graphic


Tournament DirectorCastoro Cellars
Tournament DirectorIsaac Torres

About this tournament

Hosted by Castoro Cellars with support from Bear Roots Disc Golf Club.

The Whale Rock Wine Down Tourney is our annual fun spirited celebration of the course’s introduction in 2014. This premier tournament is held to appreciate the beautiful disc golf community on the Central Coast and beyond. You have made this course thrive for 4 years it's time crown the King and Queen of Whale Rock DGC for another year! You are all the heart and soul of this place- we thank you!


LIVE MUSIC! Plus we have added multiple divisions to fit all disc golfers! Prizes for 1-3 in all divisions, CTP, a raffle, spirit award and giveaways to be had! Per usual we will have an alternative course layout to keep things interesting. The round is capped off with a BBQ that includes local catered lunch by Higgies World BBQ, Castoro Cellars wine + local beer/cider tasting galore.

-General Recreation (Casual/Fun/Recreational Men+Women Division)
-Open (Top Competitive Division)
-Advanced Am (Competitive Division)
-Amateur Masters 50+
-Advanced Women (Competitive Women's Division)
-Amateur Masters Women 50+
-General Junior Recreation (<18 Boys+Girls)

Choose whichever you are comfortable with! We will need 3 participants per division to be viable

Check In Opens at - 7:00 am
Players Meeting at - 8:30 am
Round Begins Shotgun Style - 8:45am
Live Music - 11:30 am (Miss Leo and Her Bluegrass Boys)
Lunch - 12:00 pm
Raffle Starts - 12:30 pm
Awards Ceremony - 1:00 pm

This non-PDGA sanctioned event gives you a chance to get out with your fellow disc golfers and toss a stress free round or compete at the highest level. Either way we want you to enjoy what you love most about the sport and have a Dam Fine Time. Bring your non-disc golfer friend and/or significant other to enjoy the BBQ and tasting, just $20.

Thank your for your support in making WRDGC a world class disc golf course and for respecting it as a place to foster a healthy community of plastic throwing friends.

COME CELEBRATE WITH US!!! Cheers to many more!

Refund policy

Castoro Cellars Winery is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. Please contact us with any questions.


Final Results

Non-Player (Food/Tasting ONLY)
1Amy Kinsey-0
1Anne VonderKuhlen-0
1Anneka VonderKuhlen-0
1Chloie Smith-0
1Chris Jones-0
1Chris Jones-0
1Danielle Danetra-0
1Dashiell VonderKuhlen-0
1Demian VonderKuhlen-0
1Dixon Moore-0
1Eve Santillan-0
1Jeff Russell-0
1Jonette Lozano-0
1Karyn Paul-0
1Lauren Vance-0
1Manuel Silva-0
1Marilyn Schmidt-0
1Mary Brock-0
1Missy Tunnel-0
1Nancy Grimshaw-0
1Nancy Santillan-0
1Pamela Mitchell-0
1Regilyn Val Verde-0
1Sabrina Cotter-0
1Shay Cox-0
1Zuha Lambert-0
General Recreation
1Eran Henderson5757
2Alfred Cotter5959
3AJ "WILDCAT" Johnson6060
3Ryan Montahuge6060
5Erick Wilt6161
5Kristian Emrich6161
7Omar Lozano6262
8Brendan Paskach6363
8Brian Schwartzenbach6363
8Joshuah Brock6363
8Paul Cotter6363
12Stephen Music6464
13Geoffrey BArr6565
14Chris Jones6666
14Matthew Starr6666
14Paul Deffenbaugh6666
14Ruben Lara6666
18Steve Neer6767
19Jesse Anderson6868
20Conor Pogue7070
21Jimmy Bean7171
22Ken Lawson7272
23Derek Lee7373
24Bobby Rangel7474
24Jim Kerman7474
24Michael Sklavos7474
27Brandon Schwitter7575
28Daniel Stuckenberg7777
28Jim Shumate7777
30Dan Tatum7878
31Ryan Langguth8080
32Thomas Lovejoy8282
33Erich Fleck-0
33Jordan Collins-0
General Junior Recreation
1Jeremiah Williams6262
2Gibson Channel6868
3Luke Channel6868
1Billy Comeau4747
2Matthew Paul4949
3Scott Jackson5050
4Lawrence Halili5353
5Sebastian Graham5454
6Jarrett Bussacco5555
6Paul Grimshaw5555
8Jamal Hanson5757
9Nick Refice7373
1Ruben Cota5151
2Ryan Montague5252
3Cody "Chodey" Smith5252
4Scott Allis5252
5Chance Benevedes5454
5George Dunlap5454
7Alfredo Oropeza5555
8Chris Thomas5656
9Angel Fernandez5757
10Brandon Val Verde5858
10Dan Slavec5858
10David Rapson5858
13Frazier Hartzell5959
13Josh Aranda5959
13Matt Lambert5959
13Nolon Brothers5959
17Charlie Terrazas6161
18Chris Freiberg6262
18Jeremiah Williams6262
20Laurence Duterte6868
Amateur Masters 50+
1David Brallier5151
2Robert Allis5555
3Timothy Lux5656
4David Broggie5858
4Jeff Kane5858
6Newton J Hemphill5959
7Buddy Mitchel6060
8Jon Dominguez6161
9Chuck Silva6262
9Richard Jordan6262
11Niels Udsen6464
12John Borders6565
12Mark Tesoro6565
12Russell Sherman6565
15Boyd Binninger6666
16Kevin Starr6868
17Scott M Graham6969
18Tom Dwyer7474
19Joesph BenAmi7878
20Conrad Daniel8888
Advanced Women
1Adriana Ruiz5757
2Lynn Henriksen6060
3Rachel West6262
4Candice Fuentes6262
5Katie Schlais6767
6Kaitlyn Maglinte7777
Amateur Masters Women 50+
1Kelly Jantzen6767
2Yvette Sotelo7171
3Bimmer Udsen7676
4Susan Sexton8686