Wasatch Spring Tour 2022 - Round 7

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at Art Dye in American Fork, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

You may register online in advance at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZ-Ro2LFu-WLEkHt2RBySE3tIo41cAA6RZxYDOCuppqZT2mA/viewform

This round of the Wasatch Spring Tour sanctioned league will be held at Art Dye disc golf course in American Fork

You will need: Discs, Mini, Device for keeping score. Come have a great time and have a great round!

$1 PDGA fee (Required)
$5 buy in (optional. Separate Pools for each Division)
$2 CTP (optional)
$2 Ace Pot (optional. If Ace Pot hits $1000 this buy in will be split between the main pot and a backup pot)

This will be a sanctioned league so if you have a PDGA membership make sure to give me your PDGA number. PDGA membership is not required but if you want to have your round rated you can sign up at https://www.pdga.com/membership/select.

Everyone will be placed in a division and will stay in that division for the entire League. Let me know which division you will be signing up for. If you are not familiar with PDGA divisions you can review them at https://www.pdga.com/divisions

If you are not familiar with PDGA rules please take the time to refresh to avoid taking penalty shots.

We will be using Udisc Live Scoring for this league. I will also have physical cards if they are needed.

Hole 3A - Across fence OB. Double Mando in play. Disc must travel between the two trees marked with Orange. If you miss the mando, shoot from between the trees with 1 penalty stroke.
Hole 4 - Across fence OB
Hole 7 - Across fence OB
Hole 8 - Across fence OB
Hole 13 - Path and beyond OB
Hole 14 - Path and beyond OB
Hole 16 - Walking path and beyond OB. If your disc never crosses inbounds, re-tee with 1 penalty stroke.

If your disc lands OB but was in bounds at some point in its flight, take up to 1 meter in bounds from the fence/path where it was last in bounds. 1 Penalty stroke.

When playing hole 16 yield to anyone on the path. Wait for pedestrians/bikers to be completely clear before throwing.

Lost Disc:
You have 3 minutes to find your disc starting at the time you start searching. Everyone on the card should help search. After 3 minutes the disc is considered lost. Return to the previous lie with 1 penalty throw.

Remember, the group is responsible to pay attention to all shots so that they can call how plays are to be made and help find discs. Pay attention to your card-mates throws and be ready to help if needed.

Feel free to reach out or comment with questions.


Art Dye
American Fork, UT   Get Directions
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