Wasatch Disc Golf Club 2021 Tag Opener!

Saturday, January 16, 2021 at Art Dye in American Fork, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

Due to covid-19 we are requiring pre registration and tee times for this event. All bag tags will be distributed after the fact by having them mailed to you or available for pick up at Birdcage Disc Golf. You are able to select your tee time and others may join in your card. Once cards start filling up you may need to join a card with people you may not know. but we are all exited to play with new people so don't be shy. If you are solo please try and sign up with another solo card

The best score will be rewarded with the #1 tag. Any top 10 Tie breakers will be contacted for a possible playoff. After that any tie breaker will be rewarded to first come first serve pick up. If a tie breaker tag needs to be mailed. I will just choose. Its no big deal the tags will come and go.

Refund policy

Wasatch Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Art Dye
American Fork, UT   Get Directions

Final Results


Jason McDonaldHole 10 on Main course, Long tees
Round 1: Art Dye - Long tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Seth Dey4747
2Brandon Landis4848
3Bill Tesch4949
4Dylan Kuntz4949
5Aaron Taylor5151
5Andy Hall5151
7Treven Alison5151
8Brian Hartman5252
9Jeremy Helt5252
10Andy Nichols5353
11Cody Maltsbarger5353
11Curt Myrick5353
13Josh Wadley5353
14Kevin Frandsen5353
15Shawn Hansen5353
15Spencer Whitmore5353
17Colby Zimmerman5454
18Garrett Colwell5454
19Josh Massey5454
20Mark Allison5454
21Austin Nielsen5555
22Calvin Poon5555
23Fernando Cortez5555
24Kevin Todd5555
25Nate Reiner5555
26Robert Blandon5555
26Ryano LaFollette J5555
28Thomas Holley5555
29Camron Buhler5656
30Jason McDonald5656
30John Todhunter5656
32Marlton MarlyBilly Booth5656
33Rudy Wolfsfeld5656
34Scott Belchak5656
34Timostly Dallin5656
34Todd Chapman5656
34Todd Wilkins5656
34William Bauer5656
39Weston Ringger5757
40Aaron Blinzinger5757
41Brandon Gregersen5757
41Chris Norman5757
43George Taylor5757
44Josh Apple5757
46Matthew Burns5757
47Tyler Beagley5757
48Casey Howard5858
48Colton Davis5858
50David Taylor5858
50Garrett Marshall5858
52Geoffrey Powell5858
52Jesse Addis5858
54Michael Floyd5858
54Nathan Ottesen5858
54Nick Sievers5858
57Ronnie Higley5858
57Scottie Duclos5858
59Clark Smith-Kerswell5959
60Jerrod Galloway5959
60Joseph Guanajuato5959
62Lili Orozco5959
63Nate Bjarnson5959
64Robert Wager5959
64Shaun Bagley5959
66Benjamin Housley6060
67Kaycee Wayne6060
68Nathan Paxman6060
68Nick Greco6060
70Peter Duke6060
71Tom Sharrock6060
71Zach Polak6060
71Zack Markarian6060
74Bryan Danner6161
75Jonny Vance6161
76Kaden Peterson6161
77Sean Thomas6161
78Tongia T Vakaafi6161
79Andrew Stinson6262
80Curtis Clements6262
81David Gheen6262
82Joe Cavender6262
82John Sutton6262
84Nate Dale6262
85Terry Vandawalker6262
85Trenton Buckley6262
85Trevor Carmack6262
88Brad Richter6363
89Kenneth Taylor6363
89Kieran Buhler6363
91Tyler Stokes6363
92Ashley Hall6464
93Charles Whitaker6464
94Josh McClusky6464
95Leonard Hannemann6464
96Michael Peterson6464
96Michael Pratt6464
98Shaun Pead6464
99Trevor Ault6464
99Walter Brady III6464
99Zac Low6464
102Austin Hammer6565
103Ben Beagley6565
103Clint Karren6565
105Jordan Davis6565
106Tyler Schultz6565
106Zen Asher6565
108Cody West6666
109Dayne Marsh6666
110Isaiah Balter6666
110Jacob Addis6666
110Jed Addis6666
110Joanna Franden6666
114Marcus Martinez6666
114Matt Oehler6666
116Sage Christensen6666
117Jason Poff6767
118Lacie Wilkins6767
119Brandon Balkman6868
119Brandon Pead6868
121Kaden Schramm6868
122Simon Matteson6868
122Stephen Lott6868
124Marc Christiansen7070
125Lisa Aun7171
126Tucker Gamble7171
127Lizzie Wilkins7272
128Melanie Fox7272
129Mary W.7575
130Chaucie Johnson7676
131Elise McClusky7777
132Janna Llewelyn8080
133Jake Gallagher111111
133Layne Jensen111111
135Spence Schramm111111
135Spencer Hair111111