This event has been canceled.

Warriors Amateur Team Match Play

Saturday, October 19, 2019 at Warriors Path State Park in Kingsport, Tennessee
Disc golf singles tournament


Tournament DirectorTim Barr

About this tournament

Players will register in the Ratings based division that their rating fits in. Players with no rating or PDGA #, please register in the "General" division! Registration is firmly capped at 60 players. After that, a waiting list will be offered. Registration closes 2 days before the event to allow time to set up teams as absolutely even as possible.

6 teams of 10 players each will be formed using ratings as the guideline. Once completed, teams will be posted on Facebook for viewing. Each team will then designate each player with a number, 1-10, based on highest to lowest rating. In the matches, corresponding numbers will play each other head to head.

Players with no PDGA # or rating will be assigned a rating based on their most recent PDGA rounds played. This can be figured out with a little research on my part. If no rating can be ascertained, I will assign them the rating of 850.

Format - The 6 teams will divided into 2 divisions randomly. 3 teams in the Warriors Division, 3 teams in the Warpath Division. The 3 teams in each division will play the other two teams in their division, plus one team from the other division. This will occur during matches 1, 2, and 3. At the end of match 3, the top team in each division will meet in the Championship Match.

Scoring - Match Play. One change will be made to normal Match Play rules. Normally, when one player has won more holes than there are holes remaining in the match, the match is over. For our event, players will play all 9 holes to completion. Each player will keep track of how many holes they won. At lunch, Matches 1 & 2 will be scored. Match 3 will complete divisional play and the top 2 teams will compete for the Title in the Championship Match!

Since there are 10 players per team, each team has the opportunity to score 10 points in each match. After all 3 preliminary matches are complete, the team in each division that has scored the most points wins their division.

Ties to enter the Championship Match - In the event of a tie to qualify for the Championship Match, the two teams will engage in a head to head, one hole playoff. Each position on the team (1-10) will play their counterpart on the other team. Wins score a point, ties score 1/2 point. When all 10 mini matches are complete, the most points wins the playoff. Hole 1 will be the playoff hole used.

Championship Match - The top 2 teams will compete in a 9 hole match for the Title. The same rules of scoring apply, most points scored wins. All matches will play all 9 holes as well, just as in the prelims. Each player will get one point for each hole they win. Total team points will be calculated after the match.

Championship tie - In the event of a tie, the same format will be used to break the tie.

Refund policy

Premier Design Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.