Wabash Winter Bash 2022 WIFFS

PDGA logoSaturday, January 15, 2022 at Wabash City Park in Wabash, Indiana
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Wabash Winter Bash 2022 WIFFS graphic

About this tournament

Update 1/11/22
We will be playing 20 holes with 5 per card to accomidate the demand for supporting our charity. We will be having CTPs for every hole on the course. The 50/50 pot is over $150 so we will be splitting it and doing one for each round.

This years Wabash Winter Bash is proud to be part of the Wintry Indiana Frozen Fundraiser Series or WIFFS for short again. This event is a charity fundraiser and is part of the PDGA Competition Endowment Program, meaning there is no $10 non-member fee. All amatuer players and trophy only Pro's will receive a disc as their player pack.

This will be two rounds. Schedule and details to follow shortly.

We will be having special disc raffles going all day so please feel free to bring a little extra cash.

We will have both an ACE fund and 50/50 going. If an ACE is not hit during the tournament the pot will be donated to Blessings in a Backpack our charity of support.

Refund policy

Cannonball Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55941
1Zach Gay5251103$110
2Chad Miller5553108$75
3David Wellsand6050110$50
4Zakary Crandall6052112$35
5Derrick Cunningham5658114
5Kyle Klein II5955114
7Reece Samons5860118
8Gavin Wall6159120
9Isaac Huff6459123
10T S Condor62-62
1Nick Howard4854102
2Ethan Darby5450104
3Benjamin Lomow5453107
4Kevin Fodrey5652108
5Jaden Phillips5258110
6Joshua Becerra5556111
6Timothy Loeffler5556111
8Keaton Nager5854112
9Clint Geist5658114
10Andrew Buess5858116
10Marcus Now5957116
12Greg Welch5661117
13JD Hosler6157118
14Corey Hawk5664120
15Brandan Aughinbaugh5962121
16Aaron Gettys6062122
17Aidan Hosler6162123
18Jeremy Sumpter5866124
19Robert Perry6664130
20Andrew Ordiway6972141
1Aaron Waggoner5554109
2Jason Crandall5957116
2Joe Rutkowski5957116
4Charles Duncan5665121
5Samuel Brown6658124
6William Moyer6265127
7Dale Sapp61-61
1Chad Mills5659115
2Jay Carson5965124
3David Prather6066126
4Brian Kenney6368131
4Todd VanWinkle6764131
6Michael Now6969138
7Terry Booher7169140
1John Strifler5658114
2Tom Higgins6065125
3Bill Byrnes6562127
3Bill Coughlin6463127
5Jeffery Nugent7064134
6Glenn Bryan7468142
1Roy Mccormick5866124
2Paul Mirante6368131
3Brian Cummings7172143
1Seth Rennaker5152103
2Kedron Lorenz5956115
3Hyrum Hart5960119
4Jeff Roby6258120
5Benson Graber6358121
5Collin McElvain5665121
7Kevin Stewart6360123
8Justin Peconga6262124
9Tony Thomas6164125
10Austin Yoder6463127
11Caleb Ritchey6464128
12Matty Ice6467131
13Faisal Mutlaq6668134
14Garrett Eldridge7164135
15Zach Weinkauf7066136
16Samuel Schwartz7169140
1Andrew Wray5860118
2Derrick Ellet6061121
2Dylan J Carpenter5962121
4Reese Wood6063123
5Trenton Smith6264126
6James Deshane6760127
7Brandon Stiles6167128
7Josh Elkins6464128
9Neil Ayres6961130
9Richard Hubbard Jr6862130
9Ty Waggoner6070130
12Rudolph G Buchholz6468132
13Dylan Hood6766133
14Michael Lehman7662138
15Billy Cooper7270142
1Kyle Porter5961120
2Casey Hunt6160121
3George Samons6557122
4Jason Rice6264126
5JJ Geist6662128
6Richard Cornett6366129
7Aaron Eckman6565130
7Mark Davis6664130
9David Laney6570135
10James Morris7066136
11Jason Knoop7074144
12Dennis Bright6880148
13Matt Sellers8177158
14Cristopher Ayres7783160
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