This event has been canceled.

WNYDGC Team Championships

Sat-Sun, July 11-12, 2020 at Darien Lakes State Park in Darien Center, New York
Disc golf teams tournament

About this tournament

Payouts will be made in cash. There will be a trophies for the winning team. Each participant will get a custom stamped tournament disc.
I am limiting the teams to 16 total as this event will work best in groups of 4 teams. There is a wait list, If you’re interesting, sign up for the wait list. If we hit 20 teams, I will allow the additional 4 teams in.

1. Teams will consist of 4 players of varying skill levels.
2. Recreational player must be PDGA rated below 900, intermediate player must be rated below 935, advanced player must be rated below 970 & pro player has no restrictions, but is recommended to be above 970. If a player does not have a PDGA rating, it will be required for the player to submit a round to the TD from Como Lake Park to determine an approximate rating. Ratings will be based upon the update on July 14, it is possible a player will rate out of the division that they signed up for.
3. Female players will be offered a tee advantage.
4. The event will be played in two formats: match play and scramble play.
a. Day 1 will consist of 4 match play rounds of 9 holes [36 total holes] at Darien Lake Park. A player will be on a card with 3 other individuals in their division. That player will be matched against 1 of the 3 individuals for the first segment of 6 holes. They will play against all 2 of 3 players on their card, as they move through all 18 holes. A lunch break will be given after the first 18 holes, then players will be paired with another set of players in their division.
For a match, each hole will complete when one player achieves a lower score than the other or will result in a tie. When one player wins a hole, mark the score card on the hole across from their name with an “W”. In the event of a tie, the hole can be left blank or marked with an “” or “X” to indicate no scoring. At the end of 6 holes, tally up each players “W’s” to determine which player won the overall match-up. At the Final Score column indicate the winner by marking with an “W”. Then players will switch who they are playing on their card. In the event of a tie, players will mark an “T” next to both of their names. Each match won is 1 point for a team. Each tied match is ½ of a point for a team.
b. Day 2 will consist of 20 holes at Como Lake Park. Each player must drive on 5 holes total. This must be recorded on the scorecard. Each card will have a section for players names with 5 boxes afterward. The hole number should be written down to indicate who drove on what hole. The person who will drive on each hole should be determined at the tee. After the player drives, the other 3 players will shoot from the drive location. After the 2nd shot, the team determines which shot to take. The two players remaining, that did not drive or whose shot was taken 2nd, will shoot the 3rd shot. This will continue until a disc comes to rest in the basket. In the event that the full team has cycled out, the full team is eligible for the 5th shot. Record the total number of shots it took for the team to put a disc into the basket onto the score card.
5. Scoring:
a. Scramble play will be scored in Stroke Play. eg. Par is noted as 57, team A shoots a 52 overall, resulting in a -5.
b. Match play will result in each player having a score ranging from 0-6. Each player’s score on the team will be added together to result in a score of 0-24.
c. To determine teams final scoring, teams overall match play score will be subtracted from their scramble play score. eg. team A shot a 52 overall in scramble and gained 14 points in match play, their final score will be a 38 (52 - 14 = 38).
d. In the event of a tie for first play, teams will go into a Sudden Death, rotating play elimination matchup. Play will begin on Hole 1 with the Open players competing. If the open players tie on hole 1, the Adv players will compete on hole 2. This will continue until a hole results in a winner.

Refund policy

WNYDGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.