WGE GaLS May Madness 2021

PDGA logoSaturday, May 8, 2021 at Frog Rock in Austell, Georgia
Women-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorSierra Buford
Tournament StaffPeggy Attaway

About this tournament

"On May 8th and 9th, women from all around the world will play two rounds of disc golf at their local participating PDGA Women's Global Event. Scores from the first two rounds of each participating tournament will be submitted by the individual tournament directors and rated by the PDGA. These round ratings will be totaled and averaged to determine the player's "Global Score." "

2 rounds of disc golf will be played at Frog Rock DGC in Austell, GA
Lunch is provided
Players packs are not included in your registration but they may be purchased individually from https://pdgastore.com/wge-player-pack.html starting April 15th
Trophies will be provided for divisions of 3+ (Top scorers globally will be recognized directly from the PDGA)

Come on out for some good ol' fashion fun with the ladies! ALL women's divisions will be offered!

The layout will be short tees to short pin positions for all divisions.

Per PDGA safety guidelines for our juniors, all juniors must have a parent or adult chaperone present at all times. Parent/Guardian Responsibilities for Junior Players during Tournaments
Parents/guardians must be responsible for their children during PDGA-sanctioned events. Neither the PDGA staff nor the event staff are responsible for the children of tournament players, spectators, etc. during events. Parents/guardians may not leave unaccompanied children at or near the scoring area, clubhouse, or any other tournament venue.
Players in the Junior ≤12, Junior ≤10, Junior ≤08, Junior ≤06 divisions must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during tournament rounds. Additionally, any player younger than 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian regardless of the division they play in. A single parent or guardian may be responsible for multiple junior players in the same group if agreed upon by all of the parents/guardians prior to the start of the round. Players in the MJ1, FJ1, MJ2, and FJ2 Junior ≤18 and Junior ≤15 divisions may be accompanied by a parent or guardian during tournament rounds.
During PDGA-sanctioned tournament rounds, parents/guardians accompanying junior division players:
MAY assume the roles of a caddie; assist junior players with disc selection, throw selection, rule interpretations, or scorekeeping.
MAY NOT make or second rulings such as foot faults, courtesy violations, etc.
MUST encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all junior players in the group.
MUST place the emotional and physical well-being of all junior players in the group above the personal desire to win.
MUST refrain from the use of abusive or profane language.
MUST refrain from using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
Failure to adhere to the parent/guardian responsibilities may result in the disqualification of the junior player or removal of the parent/guardian, and their accompanying junior player, from the event site by the tournament director.

Refund policy

Atlanta Womens Disc Golf (GaLS) is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Frog Rock
Austell, GA   Get Directions


The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

For help choosing a division, see the PDGA guidelines
$30.00FPOOpen Women
$30.00FP40Pro Women 40+
$30.00FP50Pro Women 50+
$30.00FP55Pro Women 55+
$30.00FP60Pro Women 60+
$30.00FP65Pro Women 65+
$30.00FP70Pro Women 70+
$30.00FA1Advanced Women
$30.00FA40Amateur Women 40+
$30.00FA50Amateur Women 50+
$30.00FA55Amateur Women 55+
$30.00FA60Amateur Women 60+
$30.00FA65Amateur Women 65+
$30.00FA70Amateur Women 70+
$30.00FA2Intermediate Women
$30.00FA3Recreational Women
$30.00FA4Novice Women
$25.00FJ18Junior Girls 18
$25.00FJ15Junior Girls 15
$25.00FJ12Junior Girls 12
$25.00FJ10Junior Girls 10
$25.00FJ08Junior Girls 8
$25.00FJ06Junior Girls 6