WDGC President's Cup 2021 B-Tier

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 22-23, 2021 at Willamette Park in Corvallis, Oregon
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

WDGC President's Cup 2021 B-Tier graphic
Added cash $1,000

About this tournament

Presenting the 3rd annual President's Cup PDGA tournament, now a B-tier! Put on by the WDGC President, presented by Northwest Financial Group and Block 15 Brewing! May 22-23.

Registration opens April 9 at 8 AM.

One round per day on both days using tee times. Pros will play Willamette on Saturday and Adair on Sunday, and vice versa for amateurs. Player meeting notes will be posted online and sent to players before the tournament.

ALL REGISTRANTS will be entered in a drawing for a basket donated by Play It Again Sports Corvallis! Thank you so much!

We have $1000 added cash for Pros! All players will receive a T-shirt and a voucher for a $2 off a beer or free non-alcoholic beverage with a sandwich purchase at Cascade BBQ.

Amateur player pack includes: Shirt, hat, disc, mini, Usul, and a silipint, all customized with tournament logo, as well as a $15 gift certificate to Play It Again Sports and 20% off coupon for Flight Towel. Over $100 value!

We did not get silipints: there was a "system error" of some kind and the order was not fulfilled. Play It Again Sports came through with a sport bottle for us. Thanks! Pros were refunded if they selected to purchase a silipint.

Ams will select Innova disc and color of silipint at registration. First come first serve of the selection!

Entry fees: $75 for pros, $55 for amateur men, and $45 for amateur ladies and the juniors.

Pro payouts will be old school cash in an envelope payout to 40% of each division. Amateurs will get a player pack that is currently at 180% value, and growing!, so technically it will be trophy only and no payouts, but we will have prizes for top finishers in amateur divisions.

Mark Martin is sponsoring bringing back a trophy for the overall best score.

Tee sign sales is open for hole sponsorships (now). The cost is $25.00 per hole (36 available). Please email [email redacted]. Your per-tournament purchase of a hole sponsorship will guarantee you a spot in the tournament with an early sign-up.

We want to thank our sponsors:
Northwest Financial Group
Block 15 Brewing Company
Innova Champion Discs
Play It Again Sports
Cascade BBQ
Peak Tree Care

Tee Sign Sponsors:
Fish Window Cleaning Services x2
Adron Lee Graphics x2
Peak Tree Care x2
Kinetic Bagel x2
Greg Johnson x2
Scott Hessel x2
Flight Towel
John Sutherland
Alex Peters
Grant Nixon
Mike Storrs
Jon Doss

Refund policy

Willamette Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Adair Park
Corvallis, OR   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/49498
Round 1: Willamette Park - Default long Par 55, 18 holes, par 55
Round 2: Adair Park - Modified layout Par 59, 18 holes, par 59
1Scotty Withers474794$733
2Andrew Nava514697$502
3John Willis445498$366
4Matthew Jackson455499$308
5Corey Dryden4853101$207
5DJ Herrington4556101$207
5Phill Diloné4754101$207
5Seth Talbott4358101$207
9Chris Nelson4755102$151
9Tanner Girouard4854102$151
11Dillon Hunt5053103$131
12Colin Sexton5054104$111
12John Kotansky5153104$111
12Sean Martin4856104$111
15Bryan Peterson5056106$92
15Ethan Hartz5254106$92
17Jason Hardin4958107$83
18Zachary Crist5156107
19Aspen Eagle4959108
19Manny Medina4959108
19Ryan Chesla5058108
22Bryan Van Fleet5158109
22Chase Estep5257109
22James Leon4960109
22Jordan Collmann5158109
22Tyler Jones5059109
22Xander Waibel5158109
28Tyler Redman5357110
29Landen Mortensen5259111
29Tyler Porter5160111
31Emmitt Kison4963112
32Daniel Kitchens5558113
32Samuel Snider5063113
34Grant Barr5559114
34Zachary Todd5559114
36Devin Ross5659115
36Ethan Johnson5758115
38James Samora-Walker5858116
39Ben Chatfield5563118
40Logan Stevens5762119
41Michael De Los Santos5665121
42Josh Greene6263125
43Noah Holloran6962131
44Kenny Shelton52-52
45Harvey Marshall58-58
Pro 40+
Round 1: Willamette Park - Default long Par 55, 18 holes, par 55
Round 2: Adair Park - Modified layout Par 59, 18 holes, par 59
1Gregg Sutton4855103$371
2Mike Storrs5055105$253
3John Ollis5156107$152
3Justin Joers4859107$152
5Chad Francis5557112$50
5Greg Mortensen5260112$50
7Brian Riley5064114
8Gregory Johnson5862120
9Cloud Pemble5566121
9Mike Bachman5962121
11Reed Key5869127
12Joe Wesley6374137
Pro 50+
Round 1: Willamette Park - Default long Par 55, 18 holes, par 55
Round 2: Adair Park - Modified layout Par 59, 18 holes, par 59
1Todd Goodman5657113$285
2Scott Hessel5660116$180
3Jason Demeter5761118$134
4Rob Hinton5965124
5Steve Jones5867125
6Brent Allard6169130
7Leonard Holland6567132
1Colin Bebee5251103
2Carl Cleem5450104
3Chris Shank5649105
3Collin Hayden5352105
5Teegan Papke5452106
6Grant Nixon5554109
6John "The Arm" Froelich5653109
6Kyle Warren5752109
9Nathan Graff5854112
10Clay Callahan5558113
10Jordan Kirksey5855113
12Greg Knapp5856114
12Tyler Ramm-Gramenz6054114
14Brent Hollenbeck6253115
15Lee Heustis6056116
16Bo Ryan M Crum6057117
16Perry Tilgner6057117
18Mike Hewson5962121
19Andrew Chatfield6459123
19Bill Adkins6360123
21Curtis Moroni6366129
Amateur 40+
1Jon Horgan5454108
2Olin Wood5455109
3Carl Swanson6057117
3Robert Littrell5760117
5Matt Bailey6160121
6Doug Parent6260122
7Don Tunstall6459123
8Marc Haerling6762129
9Donald Delany6863131
10Johnathan Sutherland7165136
11Ira Hovland6971140
12Shawn Madden65-65
Amateur 50+
1Mike Palermo5857115
2Matt Coll6258120
3Jerry Reller6259121
4Steven Egler6368131
5Lonnie Drouhard6964133
Amateur 60+
1Dan Hammett6252114
2Ron Lee6255117
3Rob Wise5860118
4Jim Quinn6364127
5Larry G Gosnell66-66
1Joshua Becerra5753110
2Joel Pearson5557112
2Ronald Cornelison5656112
4Steven Winslow5855113
5Justin David6252114
6Noel Medina5758115
7Jeffrey Roth6157118
7Raymond Wargo5959118
9Brandon Banks6060120
9Ethan Reab6258120
11Troy Campbell6358121
12Allan Holiday6459123
13Cody Ratliff6559124
13Erik Brainerd6064124
13Jon Doss6559124
13Trenton Simpson6361124
17Duncan Carrigan6363126
18Andrew Becerra6958127
18Dang Nguyen6463127
20Donald Mathis7157128
21Cody Crowe6763130
22Kevan Johnson7063133
22Peter Fuessle6766133
24David Gilliland7166137
25Daniel Michaelis7075145
25David Likens7471145
27Aleck Gabriel67-67
Intermediate Women
1Gabrielle Myers7365138
2Melissa Montgomery7573148
3Nicole Fiscella7872150
4Shannon Sutherland8786173