Victory at The View presented by Latitude 64 & The City of Crestview

Saturday, September 26, 2020 at The View in Crestview, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

Victory at The View presented by Latitude 64 & The City of Crestview graphic

About this tournament

Will you be Victorious!

The South of 64 Series with the brand new, fully stocked Latitude 64 RV along with the City of Crestview are so excited to kick things off with our entire Disc Golf family!

This is a 2 round tournament with that experience you know and love about all the South of 64 Series events!

The Player Pack will feature a commemorative disc for ALL DIVISIONS. ALL DIVISIONS will also receive an AMAZING Clean Eatz Gift Card from our very own John Ferrell valued at $19.95! Ams will also receive an event towel and a $10 Voucher.

Due to COVID-19 we will be doing our best to minimize large gatherings:
1. Player Meeting will be virtual. It will be emailed and available to view online prior to the event.
2. Round 1 Hole assignments will be posted Friday prior to the event. Round 2 will be shuffled and posted at the Lat64 RV.
3. Scoring will be done digitally using the Udisc App.

1-hour lunch break after the last card Round 1 scorecard is turned in. Awards will immediately follow Round 2.

The RV will be onsite and will do it's best to serve you in a safe and conscience manner. Please be patient and respect others space when approaching the tables and do your best to practice physical distancing.

Come join in the fun at the panhandle's newest course!

Refund policy

Dynamic Discs Chasin' The Chains is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


The View
Crestview, FL   Get Directions


Current Standings

1John Ferrell4352
2Matthew B4950
3Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings5149
1Blake Jenkins4747
2Caleb Baker4848
3Mark Turner5052
4Brody Williamson5357
5Josh Gallaspy5854
Amateur 40+
1Ryan Buenaflor5349
2Robert Newman5555
3Ronnie Dingal5557
4Michael Simon5758
5Nick Boyle5957
6Sean Belodeau5959
Amateur 50+
1Bruce Spence4947
2Mark Franklin4955
3Terry Mercer5254
4Richard Higbee5156
5Mike Simonds5755
6Timothy Ouimet5858
1Elliott Blake4945
2Gabriel Hastings4950
3Ryan May5150
4Matthew Swenson5052
5Josh Morgan5253
6Terrell Morris5650
7Adam Montoya5354
8Johnathan Mcfee5256
8Justin Curnow5652
10Michael Osley5356
11A.J. Gates5853
11Matthew McGuirk5754
13Derrick Fretwell5854
14Lawrence Holst5360
15Ben Claus5363
16Nate Kelm6156
16Philip Prichard6057
16Ryan Jones5958
19Nickolas Johnson5662
20Andrew Jackson5763
1Shawn Paxton5253
2Rex Baeumler5354
3Anthony Franklin5256
4Hunner Smith5653
5Damon Forsythe5753
6Cade Swanson5556
7Daniel J Harper5656
8Benjamin Benefield5261
8William McFee5459
10Mark "Nuke" Ruschman5658
11Jayme Williamson6353
11Steve Harrill5660
13Kevin Campos5859
14Noah Sheffield6259
14Timothy Sheffield6259
16Santiago Vanegas6362
17Michael McDonald7364
18Micah Reese64-
19Sean Smith--
1Kevin Carter5756
2Dustin Moseley5956
3Austin McGee6453
3Riqui Lyon5661
5Max Matri6060
6Maddox Zdziera5963
6Mitchell Summers6359
8Justin Hansen6659
8Theodore Smith6065
10Derrick Brown6463
11Andy Seaman6967
12Mike Gregory6770
13Cody Jones--
Intermediate Women
1Violet Holst5759
2Aleacia Miller6361
3Shannon Holst6370
Recreational Women
1Haleigh Morgan6663
Junior 15
1Addison Jackson84-
2Jayden Harper--