Vibram Birdie Bash at Creekside DGC

Saturday, March 30, 2013 at Creekside Park in Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament


Vibram Birdie Bash at Creekside DGC graphic

About this tournament

*********************REGISTRATION IS CLOSED***********

Vibram Birdie Bash - $25

•Two Rounds
•Two Vibram discs (one putter and one mid or driver) OF YOUR CHOICE!

•One Shirt (S-XXL)

•Birdies or better to earn points

•Grand Prize: A pair of Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas
•Grand Prize: A spot on the Vibram Tester Team
•2nd Round Card Prize: A VDG Water Bottle and Vibram Coaster Mini

•Ace/Eagle: 5 points
•Birdie: 2 points
•Metal Hit: 1 point

Scoring Examples:

Example 1: A par 3. Your drive hits the basket but does not go in. You drain your birdie putt. You earn three points: 1 point for the metal hit on the drive, 2 points for the birdie.

Example 2: A par 3. Your drive goes way left and lands 150 feet away. Your 2nd shot is straight but low and hits the post. You earn one point and there is no need to putt out.

Example 3: A par 4. On your fourth shot, you tickle the chains and do not go in the basket. You get zero points since the shot that hit chains was not for birdie or better. As it turns out, there was actually no need to even throw the fourth shot, except for funsies.

Here it is everyone! We are signed up to host a Vibram Birdie Bash event at Creekside DGC on March 30, 2013. I am stoked to be running this event. Registration is up on the Vibram website. follow this link to register and read up on some info on how the Birdie Bash will work. Sounds like a ton of fun.


Creekside Park
Salt Lake City, UT   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: Creekside Park - Vibram Birdie Bash, 21 holes, par 63
Round 2: Creekside Park - Vibram Birdie Bash, 21 holes, par 63
1Van Woolcock112
2Robert Laux156
3Jennifer Brown527
3Wade Brinton347
5Eric Trost4610
6Rory Mcquaid11011
6Russell Stout4711
8James Smith9413
8Marc Grimes8513
8Stephen Garcia7613
11Mike Davis11718
12Layne West12719
12Mike D11819
14Eric Wilkinson12820
14Nasty Nate Reiner41620
16Carlos Olivas91322
17Brad Cacace101323
17Chad Cross131023
17Jory Reid14923
20Markus Mika151025
20Sterling Wright16925
22Jameson Scott18826
22Kyle Davis111526
24Doug Smith101828
24Michael "sexy man" Suchoza181028
26Brandon Butters101929
27Dave Jones22931
28Jeffrey Dunn151833
28Shae Chamberlain211233
28T.J. Smith132033
31Sean "Shotgun" Kelly171835
32Jake Laputka171936
33Cody Satison152237
34Joseph Dane1-1
35Faith Cross2-2
35Jared Terry2-2
37Everett Jamison4-4
38J.P. Pulley5-5
38Ronald Grimes5-5
40Casey Brenton6-6
41Adam Vrondos--0
41Bella Donna--0
41Christopher DeSantos--0
41Cyrus Fox--0
41Edward Henderson III--0
41Heather Grimes--0
41Jedediah Creekside--0
41Kent Henline--0
41Kimberly Pixton--0
41Nathan Anderson--0
41Raymond Tucker--0
41Scott Keller--0
41Steve Crittenden--0