Veterans for Vets presented by Discin’ Disciples & Triple Creek Disc Golf Club (Proceeds Benefitting Operation Stand Down)

PDGA logoSaturday, January 14, 2023 at Triple Creek Park in Gallatin, Tennessee
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Co-Tournament DirectorMicah Miller
Co-Tournament DirectorJonathan Lisbona
Co-Tournament DirectorLes Norwood

About this tournament

This year's Veterans for Vets event will be a PDGA XC-tier fully-sanctioned tournament.

The "X" designator in this case allows us to maximize the charitable contribution to Operation Stand Down TN, but the event is fully sanctioned like any other PDGA C-tier tournament otherwise as far as PDGA points are concerned to also provide the player with a fun and enjoyable tournament experience.

Held at Triple Creek Park in Gallatin, TN
-1 round of play (18-holes)
-Pick your tee time during registration.
-Unfortunately, there will be no day-of registrations.
-Groups of all the same division are preferred, but not required.
-CTP Prizes and Raffle winners will be announced after the round and trophies mailed out after the tourney. Raffle winner of basket will be contacted to arrange pickup details.

Fundraiser disc golf tournament for all divisions (Registration fee includes a premium player pack disc for AMs and PayPal payout for PROs)

-Player pack for AMs will include a premium Discin’ Disciples stamped disc of your choice. There will be no amateur payouts for this event; fee breakdown below.
-TROPHY ONLY for 1st place AM winners in divisions of 3 or more (mailed after round).

PROs payout will occur via PayPal using email address used during registration; fee breakdown below.
-TROPHY ONLY for 1st place PRO winners in divisions of 3 or more (mailed after round).

All net proceeds from this tournament will be donated to Operation Stand Down TN. In 2022, we were able to donate $350 to this organization, let's see if we can beat that goal this year!

PDGA Competition Endowment Program Fee Breakdown:

All PRO Divisions Breakdown:
$30 Gross Entry Fee
- $2 PDGA Per Player Fee
- $2 Player Fee Match
=$26 Remaining Net Entry
-$6.50 25% of Remaining Net Entry Fee
=$17 ($19.50 85%=$17) towards PRO Payout and a $13 Charity Donation Per PRO Player

All AM Divisions Breakdown:
-$30 Gross Entry Fee
-$2 PDGA Per Player Fee
-$2 Player Fee Match
=$26 Remaining Net Entry
-$6.50 (25% of Remaining Net Entry Fee)
-Cost of Premium Player Pack Disc
=Remainder $ Used for Charity Donation Per AM Player

$5 Ace fund for the event. If an ace is hit, winner(s) get/split the full pot.
If no Ace is hit, Ace fund will be donated to Operation Stand Down TN.

Tee pad assignments based on your selected tee time and you will begin at hole 1.

We will be using PDGA Live Scoring ( for the event.

PDGA Live Scoring Access Code will be emailed to players prior to event and provided at check-in on day-of.

*This is a flex start; flex start means that you show up at your designated tee time that you selected during registration. No groups larger than 4 and no less than 3 can play in a group. The players in each group do not need to be in the same division.

Multiple CTP Holes!

You will have to be current PDGA through 2023 to waive the $10 PDGA fee. If you have paid it and become current, you will be refunded.

Refund policy

Discin’ Disciples is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Dustin Koppel5252$60
2Philip Gant5353$30
3D.J. Wix5454
4Jordan Webster5757
5Nick Shaw6666
1Michael Pointer5151$50
2Jacob Jordan6262$25
3Les Norwood6767
4Jason Hall6868
1Brad Stutz5454
2Coy Springer5555
3Daniel Delgado5858
3Tony Alvarez5858
5Jason Lopez5959
5Jonathan Lisbona5959
7Bruce Atkins Jr.6060
7Caleb Webster6060
9Luis Reyes6161
10Bryson Lovorn6262
10John Mosby6262
10Matthew Franklin6262
13Alex Williamson6363
14Michael Van Schuyver6666
15Stephen Like6767
16Micheal Young8080
1Jamie Dennis6464
1Steven Rust5555
2Justice Wenzlick5656
2Justin Mitchell5656
4Garrett Rigsby5757
5Jacob DiCicco5959
5Mike Cleveland5959
7Bryan Hartzell6161
7Bryan Kephart6161
9Dalton Killingsworth6262
10William Ford6767
1Eric Thurmond5555
2Bruce Atkins Sr5858
3J Weems6161
3Lance Rea6161
5Joe Ruiz6262
5John Freitas6262
7Charley Smotherman6363
7Chris Burling6363
7Micah Miller6363
10Melvin Scott6464
11Andrew Kaiser6666
11Andrew Montgomery6666
11Josh Toth6666
14Hunter Seibers6868
15Austin Carden7070
16David Knuth7777
1John Gaca6262
1Nick Fotopoulos6262
3Jeffrey Rutledge6767
3Shane Duke6767
5Chuck Arlund6969
5Del Duquette6969
7Constantine Skandalis7171
8Daniel Brunner7272
9Steve Franklin7575
10Chris Salisbury7676
11Anthony Markham7777
12Johnny Murr8080
13Shane Hester9090
1Angela Rueter7777
2Christy Rigsby8787
3Linh Nguyen104104
1Whitaker Dennis6666
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