Veterans for Vets @ Village Greens

Sunday, January 9, 2022 at Village Greens Park in Greenwood Village, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorCiara McCabe
Event CoordinatorKy Kline
Club PresidentJoshua Lyons

About this tournament

Following in the footsteps of the Trilogy Challenge, Veterans for Vets is a new event designed to meet three goals. First, it gives disc golfers a chance to play in an organized event during the winter months. Second, it provides an awesome environment for a disc golfer without any tournament experience to play in an organized event. Finally, it provides an opportunity for a local disc golf community to raise money that gets returned to that same community to organizations tasked with serving veterans!

This particular event will aim to raise funds for the Untangled Web Booster Club, which helps support the 8th Space Warning Squadron (8 SWS) located at Buckley Space Force Base. The purpose of Untangled Web is to fund morale events that seek to integrate the squadron members and their community symbiotically, while putting specific emphasis on supporting individual squadron members in times of celebration and grief during both career and personal life events.

8 SWS is a reserve associate unit to the 2nd Space Warning Squadron (2 SWS) and operates two satellite constellations. The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites are a key part of North America's early warning systems and protect the United States and its allies by detecting missile launches, space launches, and nuclear detonation. The Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) program is the follow-on capability to DSP and was designed to provide critical information supporting the effective operation of missile defense systems against national and theater threats along with reliable, unambiguous, timely, and accurate warning for theater and strategic missile launches to the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense and Combatant Commanders world-wide. The primary mission areas of SBIRS are missile warning, battlespace awareness, technical intelligence, and missile defense.

Untangled Web is a private organization. It is not a Federal or official entity of the United States, Department of Defense, Air Force, Space Force, Delta 4, Buckley Space Force Base, or any of its components. It has no governmental status. Individuals acting on behalf of Untangled Web are acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government.

Refund policy

Untangled Web is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Village Greens Park
Greenwood Village, CO   Get Directions


Final Results

Advanced/Pro Female
Round 1: Village Greens Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 58
1Britt-marie Sawyer5656
1Emily Ten Bosch5656
1Katie Abrahamson5656
4Michelle Russell7474
5Amber Russell7575
Advanced/Pro Male
Round 1: Village Greens Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 58
1Skyler Mantey4444
2Sage Tanner4545
3Drew LaBelle4747
3Hugh Tyner4747
3Ian Sawyer4747
6Aaron Lundberg4949
6Josh Ward4949
6Rob Vance4949
6Robert Halliday4949
10Isaac Harris5050
10Paul Dusatko5050
12Alex Harris5151
12Jared Klein5151
14Forrest Henzler5252
14Max Abrahamson5252
14Nathan Wilkinson5252
17Derek Nielsen5353
18Mathew Dominguez5454
18Michael Boehringer5454
21Casey Scogin5858
22Chris Krueger5959
23Jeff Duncan6262
24Richard Wright7676
25Kyle Harrigan-0
Novice Female
Round 1: Village Greens Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 58
1Meagan Eastin6666
2Kelly Ahlers6767
3Destiny Bailey7171
4Kaylee Lyons7272
5Sarah Del Vecchio8282
6Ashley Krueger9696
7Sarah Scogin-0
Novice Male
Round 1: Village Greens Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 58
1Skyler Hoopes4949
2Erich Ward5050
2Nathan Williams5050
4David Fournier5151
4Justin Monroe5151
4Kevin Galloway5151
4Marcus Lyle James5151
4Thomas Lipitz Jr5151
4Tyler Miller5151
10Brandon Shean5252
10Gregory Daly5252
10Noah Balsmeyer5252
10Trevor D Dooley5252
14Garrett Muns5353
14Heath Sims5353
16Andy Campbell5454
18Chris Smock5555
18Danny Campbell5555
18Kaleb Layman5555
18Matthew Kurelja5555
22Chris Lang5757
22Thomas Diebold5757
24Andrew Archuleta5858
25Christopher Melia5959
25Dave Kauffman5959
25Guy Barnard5959
25Hayden Ehrle5959
25Nicholas Anderson5959
30Nate Holm6161
31Connor D Touchton6262
32Avery Brown6767
33Gary Goodman6868
34Alan Binder7676
35Richie Buchborn7878
36David Kennedy-0
36Skyler Kline-0
US Veteran Female
Round 1: Village Greens Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 58
1Ky Kline6060
2Emily Hosoya112112
3Jennifer Arney-0
US Veteran Male
Round 1: Village Greens Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 58
1David Le5353
2Brent Brell5454
2Liam Skerjanec5454
2Travis Dutton5454
5Joshua Lyons5555
5Tim Fallon5555
7Joseph Dougherty5757
7Larry Hosick5757
7Steve Myslivy5757
10Randy Terry6060
10Ryan Lape6060
12Michael LaBarge6262
13Cody Hesse6363
14Nicholas Johnson6767
14Skip Serpico6767
16Brian Taylor8080
17Jake Robertson8888
18Chanse Horton-0
18Eric Larson-0
18Freddie Breining-0
18Ivan Hurd-0
18Matt Romero-0
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