Ultimo Egra Open 2019

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 31-September 1, 2019 at DG Myslivna in Cheb, Czech Republic
Pro / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorKarel Zdenek
International communicationVáclav Tyburec
Assistant TDJan Zdenek
Tournament photographerZdenek Sedlak
Result ServiceJan Trbusek

About this tournament

Caurus Egra invites you for 6th annual discgolf tournament
Ultimo Egra Open 2019

PDGA tournament category
Amateur B

Categories and fees
GOLD (RPA) Ratings 970+: 15,- EUR
BLUE (RAH) Ratings <970: 15,- EUR
WHITE (RAD) Ratings <935: 15,- EUR
RED (RAE) Ratings <900: 15,- EUR
GREEN (RAF) Ratings <850: 15,- EUR
PURPLE (RAG) Ratings <800: 15,- EUR

Tournament capacity:
90 players
Professional players can run the tournament as well to reflect PDGA competition rule 2.04
3x18 holes without final,
Shoot-out for 1. place - holes 1, 2, 3 and eventual CTP 14
CTP: Hole 8 for Everyone. Trophy for Winner: 2,- EUR

DG Myslivna Cheb

Registration and payment of fee:
Registration will be open from 1st July till 21st August 2019
Registration will run on PDGA web pages to reflect PDGA Competition rule 1.02

In case that registration fee will not be paid in time, player will be removed from registration or replaced by player on waiting list.
Cancellation: Fee refund for registration is stated in PDGA Competition manual 1.02

Address of Tournament Centre and GPS coordinates:
TC will be situated nearby parking place Družstevní 19, Cheb:
GPS: 50.0767361N, 12.3518911E


Saturday lunch in restaurant "Na Poště" Přátelství 2000/4 , 35002 Cheb - Skalka, which is going to be open from 12:15. It´s aprox 6 mins from hole #18.

1) Summer salad with tuna and butter toast

price: 7,-EUR

2) Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan cheese

price: 5,- EUR

3) Spaghetti Sicilia (vegetarian)

price: 5,- EUR

4) Goulash soup with beeg and bread

price: 4,- EUR

There is going to be a small party from 19:30

City of Cheb: http://tic.cheb.cz/ubytovani-v-chebu/ds-28862/archiv=0&p1=31829
Lodging house in Modrý věžák
Mr. Keblúšek, 602 146 049 accommodation for athletes
Internet searchers
Categories definition:
-- For 1st round --
1. Higher rating – active PDGA members
2. Lower PDGA number – players, who have PDGA number but they´re not active members
3. Alphabet (players without PDGA number)
-- 2nd and 3rd round –
Reflecting categories
Players without PDGA rating will be classified based on 1st round results to specific category

Player´s package for everyone in minimal value 50% for Registration fee.
Trophy for winners.
Draw lots for small prizes.
Tournament partners:
Ultimo.cz, City of Cheb
You´re granting a consent to the acquisition and subsequent use of the photos and audio / video of your person or persons entrusted to you by sending the registration form.
Important warning:
we recommend arranging accommodation as quickly as possible. 30-31.8 Wallenstein Festivities take place in Cheb.

Refund policy

Fee refund for registration is stated in PDGA Competition manual 1.02


DG Myslivna
Cheb, Czech Republic   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/41472
1Kyle Giovannini474652145
1Jiří Brožek485151150
2Petr Haering545454162
3Martin Malý585755170
1Lorenz Schneider565256164
2Jan Veselý545656166
3Marius Hessing575459170
4Werner Riebesel625856176
5Nicola Kachlock555964178
6Detlef Werner646158183
7Corky Dunn626559186
8Jens Hessing606465189
9Alex Kister727770219
1Jörg Jenisch606255177
2Thomi Neumann596261182
3Andreas Martin586561184
4David Prucha646561190
5Harald Kucera656069194
6Christian Prescher687063201
6Jan Zdenek667164201
1Karel Zdeněk626459185
2Patrik Brei586467189
3Stephan Mesel646868200
4Markus Mestel696864201
4Petr Hruska646869201
6Miroslav Vlcek617171203
7Milan Tichý686973210
8Bastian Reger676683216
9Juergen Krueger727174217
10Jakub Cech787674228
11Marian Borša6868115251
1Lukáš Landa625853173
2Tomáš Kamberský705869197
3Zdenek Sedlák676369199
4Michael Brunke726969210
4Stefan Gröger636780210
6Markéta Kreuzigerová727075217
7Lenka Tichá717973223
8Bianca Schmidt867279237
9Max Schedl878491262
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