US Match Play Regional Qualifier – Stansbury Park

Saturday, March 31, 2018 at Stansbury Park in Tooele, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament


US Match Play Regional Qualifier – Stansbury Park graphic

About this tournament

UPDATE (3/30/18): If you're unfamiliar with match play, please visit and read the "Rules" tab. It is very different from stroke play, particularly in scoring, so you'll need to be familiar with it. One of our players, Phill Faber, is also a TD for one of these qualifiers. He and I will play in separate groups in the Round of 8, so we can help with rule interpretations should any questions arise. Of course, the participation of the group is very important, so please get familiar with match play rules.

The schedule is a rough sketch of how the day might play out. I'm hoping to be finished earlier than it states, but added in some extra time just in case.

Feel free to come as early as you like to begin warming up and getting to know the park. A course map that I put together, which will show you how the park is laid out according to Google, and a photo of the official course map (drawing) are both on the event website. Park on the north side of the park, either near the pavillion or near the course sign. I will be set up by the course sign. (You can look for my white Honda.)

I will arrive a little before 8am to get set up (minimal) and put out a few signs reminding folks that we have the park reserved for the day. People will still be using the playground and maybe walking/jogging the path, but there should be no interference from soccer or other youth sports clubs.

If you haven't played Stansbury before, here's what you need to know. The course is pretty wide open as the trees haven't grown up much yet. It's pretty long, at just over 9,000 feet, for 18 holes. Backyards, roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and other manmade structures are out-of-bounds. Water is limited to a small creek, and a disc fully underwater (or not resting against the bank with the edge exposed) is OB. If you happen to get a disc stuck in a soccer goal, play it like a bush/tree. No two-meter rule.

If you come to practice early, the most important holes to hit are 13, 14, 15 & 17. Those are probably the most "technical" holes. 5, 6 and 11 (because it is so long–788 feet) wouldn't hurt to practice either.

Player packs will be available as soon as I arrive in the morning. If you opted for a Moonshine Deputy, please bring $10 cash for that unless you already paid for it online. (Two of you did prepaid for one online, so you two don't need to worry about cash.) If anyone aces, I'll give them a free Moonshine Deputy.


UPDATE (3/12/18): Trilogy has allowed me to halve the size of this regional qualifying bracket to 8. What that basically means is that everyone who signs up has an automatic first round bye, and advances to the Round of 8. Prizes and player packs remain the same. Two rounds will still be played on March 31st. The time and place for the final matchup to be decided by the players.


Local qualifying bracket for the US Amateur Match Play Championships. This is for players of all skill levels (Exception: players with PDGA ratings higher than 969 are not eligible). Local USAMPC singles qualifier match play brackets are held throughout the United States and Canada. The $45 entry fee is a one time cost. If a player advances to the next levels, there are not additional entry fees.

Match play is an exciting way to compete as a disc golfer. Match play has grown in popularity and the unique format provides an opportunity for using a different strategy than what disc golfers typically employ playing traditional stroke play. The event also allows amateurs another opportunity to experience tournament disc golf at the highest level.

Players will receive a Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Maverick and Latitude 64 Gold Burst Explorer in their player pack.

The qualifiers are limited to 16 players and will run March Madness-style until a winner is determined by the end of April. Winners of Local Qualifying Brackets will move on to the State/Province Bracket. Winners of the State/Province Bracket will move on to the Championship Bracket in Emporia, Kansas (June 22-24, 2018).

Awards for Local Qualifying Bracket and State/Province Bracket
First Place – DyeMax Trophy Disc + $100 credit
Second Place – DyeMax Trophy Junior Disc + $50 credit
Third place – DyeMax trophy Mini + $25 store credit

Players that win their State/Province Championship Bracket will be provided the following:
$500 cash for travel expenses
Free entry into a two round stroke play B-Tier on Saturday, June 24 for the 54 players that will not advance to play on Saturday.

See the event website for details on prizes available for top finishers at nationals. (Hint: "Discs for Life")

Refund policy

Aaron Lovell is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.