UFOS 2022 Membership Bag Tag Round

Sat-Sun, January 15-16, 2022 at Taylor Mountain Regional Park in Santa Rosa, California
Disc golf singles tournament

UFOS 2022 Membership Bag Tag Round graphic


Assistant Tournament DirectorAdam Domenick
Tournament DirectorKenny Glassman

About this tournament


Event: UFOS 2022 Membership Bag Tag Round
Date: January 15th and16th, 2022 (Tee times)
-----Don't need to play to get a tag
Course: Taylor Mountain; Santa Rosa, CA
Layout: 1 round of 18 from concrete tees.

This is a one round (18 holes) singles tournament on Saturday January 15th or Sunday January 16th at Taylor Mountain in Santa Rosa. Select day and Tee time with registration. Tee times with less than three players will be bumped up to the next available tee time with the required amount of players.

Playoffs and tie breakers for bag tag numbers?
There will only be a playoff for the #1 tag. All other ties will be determined by the TD and or Udisc by (PDGA #).

We will be keeping scores on uDisc. Once the event is setup, you will be notified of your card and tee time. This will occur a few days prior to the event.

If you card is ready and the tee box is open to throw don't wait for the designated time, please start your round as soon as hole one is cleared to be played.

If there are non tournament folks showing up to play, please be courteous and let them hop in.

If you would like a tag and can't play there is an option at the bottom of the drop down menu for tee times to select. TAG ONLY NOT PLAYING

Players packs can be picked up from 10am -to- 2pm Saturday and Sunday or can be shipped for an additional fee. If you are picking up locally do not select a shipping option.

Merchandise will be distributed at Taylor the days of the event. Stop by the container and pick your stuff up before you head out for your round.

Bag tags will be distributed at 5pm on Sunday, can be picked up at Taylor after by contacting Kenny or Dom, or can be shipped for an additional fee.

There will not be any payouts for this event, you will be awarded a bag tag for the place you finish.

See drop down menus for Membership gear that will be offered this year:
Disc, Pin, cotton shirt, polo shirt, dry fit shirt, long sleeve dry fit, zipper hoodie, pull over hoodie, mask, and stickers.

NO REFUNDS – If you can’t play, your tag will be mailed after the event

Refund policy

United Flyers of Sonoma County is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Final Results

1Jaiden Ginthum4343
2Kenny Glassman4545
3Josh Taylor 4545
4Richard Lopez4646
5Travis James4646
6Jay Ferrick4646
7Matt Neiman4747
8Evan Kelly4747
9Sean Rogan4747
10Juan Bernal4848
11John Child4949
11Nathan Boyer4949
11Roger Cansler4949
11Sam Christmas4949
11Scott Tucker4949
11Stephen White4949
17Bailey Brown5050
17Dabs Kramer5050
17James Swinger5050
17Kevin Eckert5050
17Nestor Arciniega5050
17Nick Krause5050
23Aiden Poetzel5151
23Andrew Hughes5151
23Dave Sebok 5151
23Gabriel Neustadt5151
23Holland Cole5151
23Jeff Caldwell5151
23Mac Butler5151
23Thomas Humphrey 5151
23Tim Zieminski5151
23Tyler Sewell5151
33Alex Salinas5252
33Andy Leaf5252
33Cody Rose5252
33Dane DeMattei5252
33Kevin Wade5252
33RJ Walsh5252
33Rob Byers5252
40Alec Levandoski5353
40Ben Lohrentz5353
40Bill Emmack5353
40Brian Thompson5353
40Cameron Rivers5353
40Chris Mills5353
40Cory Lucas5353
40Jabir Ponce5353
40Javier Rodriguez 5353
40Jon Caldwell5353
40Justin McManus5353
40Nathan La Chance5353
52Bill Christmas5454
52Casey McLaughlin 5454
52Danielle Kleidon5454
52Jesse Pineda5454
52John RussellWright5454
52Luke Bishop5454
52Marty Beaudry5454
52Shane Kirby5454
52Tom Browne5454
52Vince Ferracuti5454
63Andrew Spaulding5555
63Colin Abbot5555
63Joe DiMiero5555
63Justus George5555
63Leif Ludwig5555
63Morgen Lanning 5555
63Nate Barajas5555
63Nick Hammond5555
63Ray Fort5555
63Richard Throop5555
63Todd Willis5555
63Tracy Ruggles5555
76Aaron Bray5656
76Austin Corbett5656
76Cameron Casey5656
76Curtis Beaudry5656
76Greg Hildebrand 5656
76Johnnie Walden5656
76Kevin Bacuyani5656
76Lucas Judson5656
76Philippe Paravicini5656
76Shaun Siler5656
76Steven Phillips5656
88Andrew Ferrando5757
88Ben Miller5757
88Brad Cameron5757
88Brendan O'Reilly5757
88Dane Urry5757
88Jeff calhoun5757
88Joshua Morgan5757
88Kevin Parkhurst5757
88Maxwell Bieber5757
88Mike Loftin5757
88Peter Martin5757
88Ryan Moffet5757
88Scott Mathewson5757
88Tyler Johnson5757
102Bill Singer5858
102Brandin Vale5858
102Casey Martling5858
102Chris Casillas5858
102Chris Dietz5858
102Dominic Tapia5858
102Frank Villas5858
102Houston P5858
102Ian Miller5858
102Jared Williams5858
102Jon Martinez????⛓????5858
102Keith Colorado5858
102Kevin Moore 5858
102Matthew Mullen5858
102Peter Beckwith5858
102Ruby Reyes5858
102Sal Lopez5858
102Thomas Walters5858
102Tim Little5858
102Tony Barbieri5858
122Ben Weis5959
122Brian Wedderburn5959
122Double Bogey Darrell5959
122Erik Mayfield5959
122James Riley5959
122Jeff Bean5959
122Josh James (JJ)5959
122Lukester G5959
122Michael Myers5959
122Zack Weber5959
132Alex Pisani6060
132Andrew Riley6060
132Chris Meydenbauer6060
132Ian Newell6060
132Jeremiah Steinberg6060
132Maxwell Mical6060
132Ronit Taggart6060
132Rush 6060
132Tyler Parkhurst6060
141Brandon Cuevas6161
141Dale Daniels6161
141Josh Miranda6161
141Mark Nordstrom6161
147Alex Leach6262
147Brett Massip6262
147David cox6262
147Diego García 6262
147Edward O'Brien6262
147Jasper Rice-Herdt6262
147Tyler Silvy6262
154Bob Waltenspiel6363
154Bryce Finch6363
154Chris brandt6363
154Daniel Reynoso6363
154Erik Smart6363
154Ryan Tucker 6363
154Trevor Gill6363
162Cody Chadsey6464
162Eric McManus6464
162Jason Harrison6464
162Madelyn Wright6464
162Nate Wolverton6464
162Zach Moss6464
168Evan Baker6565
168Frankie De La Cruz6565
168Jeff Sills6565
168Joe Trejo6565
168Kimberlyn Moffet6565
168Matt Dean6565
168Max finley6565
176Alex Kim6666
176Gail White6666
176John Wright6666
176Mark Harris6666
176Steve Hill6666
181David Pyland6767
181Kelly Sills6767
181Ryan Devlin6767
185Christopher Negoesco 6868
185Corey Savio6868
185Jon Walkley6868
185Mike Vela6868
185Steve Ginthum6868
185Tessa Geesink6868
192Lissa Sewell6969
193Zack Koback7070
194Ben Landucci7171
194Bobby Kirsch 7171
196Kelly Knight7272
197Tristen Smith7474
198Judy Mason-White7575
199Ian Molloy7676
200Natalie Sadler 8282
201Jamey Agathen 8585
202Frank Levings126126
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