Tucson Turkey Shoot - 25th Annual

Saturday, November 27, 2021 at Santa Cruz River Park in Tucson, Arizona
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Tucson Turkey Shoot is an Annual Disc Golf Event open to the local disc golf community and played at Santa Cruz River Park Disc Golf Course on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. It comprises 3 rounds of Par 2 Disc Golf. Although the courses will be shorter, it is NOT A BEGINNER COURSE. It is very technical. Due to Covid-19 and other logistics, there will NOT be a Novice/ Beginner Division again this year. Please refrain from signing up if you are NEW to disc golf, but please continue to play and practice. For experienced players, please see the following and the flyer. The tournament has a cap of 108 players this year. COVID protocols will be followed. Please be safe.

OPTIONAL DRESS CODE: In recognition of 25th Year of the Tucson Turkey Shoot, WEAR TYE-DYE! ;-)

This year there will be six(6) Divisions: Pro Men (MPO) / Pro Master (MP40+) /Advanced Am. (MA1) / Intermediate Am. (MA2) / Pro Women (FPO) / Am. Women (FA1/2) (Women are NOT restricted from playing Men’s Amateur or even Pro divisions if they so choose to compete there.)

Mixed Division Groups are ok for ROUND 1, after that groups will be determined by Division and Score. We will be going out in Groups of 6 (Please no more/no less) if you have a preference about who you would like to play with for ROUND 1, please send me an email at [email redacted] ...and I will do the best I can to accommodate your requests, please understand NO PROMISES. ;-)

PLEASE READ Tournament Rules and Format

COVID-19: Please use masks as often as possible, especially around large group areas. (Check-in, Player's Meeting, or turning in cards.) You can decide within your group if masks should be worn during play. I'm hoping that if even one person in the group would like masks to be worn, that the group will comply and all wear masks. If everyone is comfortable without them, then that's fine to play mask-free on your card.

GENERAL: The tournament consists of playing 3 rounds of 18-hole Par-2 Disc Golf. The courses are color coded, and each group will have an outline/map. (They hopefully will be posted here on Disc Golf Scene under "Pictures" and will also be posted to FB.) The tees are either indicated Santa Cruz cement tee pads or color-coded Pin Flags. The hole numbers on each Turkey Shoot course does not correspond to the Santa Cruz Hole numbers. Please refer to the Outline/Map to find your assigned starting hole. Unlike last year, we WILL do a re-shuffle between rounds. So you won’t be playing with or following the same group all tournament, but you will, of course, be following the same GROUP each round, which should help with navigation of the course.
OUT OF BOUNDS: The same OB's that apply to the regular Santa Cruz course apply here. The road/parking lot, any cement under/around Ramadas, the upper black-topped pedestrian path by the river, and the ballfield are Out of Bounds.

SCORING: Since all holes are Par-2, the only way to get a birdie is to get a 1. There are three ways this can happen, because there are three types of holes. They are: Standard, Birdie Runs and Lay 0's.

1)To birdie a Standard hole (Non-Birdie Run or Non-Lay 0.) you would need to get a traditional Ace...throw it in on your 1st shot, and score a one. This will qualify the competitor for a share of the built-in Ace Pool. (IF you do hit a traditional ACE, please indicate this at top of your scorecard left of your name in empty space.)

2) To birdie a Birdie Run, you get it in on your first shot also, and score a one, but the difference is that these are very short and will NOT qualify you for a share of the Ace Pool, but will still allow you to card a birdie(1). (No special indication at top of card is necessary.)

3) To birdie a Lay 0, you choose to (or accidentally) throw your FIRST shot through the Lay 0 opening. (Your card should judge questionable attempts as best they can. Your disc should be at least be touching the line delineating the Lay 0 opening.) Your disc will then be considered LAYING ZERO, as if you have never thrown, and you continue counting your next shots from where you landed. [Please note that LAY 0'S are always optional. THEY ARE NOT MANDATORY. You do not need to ever throw through one, if you choose not to go through. There is never a penalty for NOT going through a LAY 0.] IF your next shot goes in the basket, you will get to card a birdie(1).

There is a 4th, more rare possibility. It would allow you to card an Eagle! If you throw your disc through a Lay 0 and put it right into the basket, you would score a 0 (zero) on your card, which would, in fact, be an eagle, (AND also an ACE)! So, YES, this would qualify you for a share of the $$ Ace Pool. Please note the ACE at the top of your scorecard.

TWO MORE NOTES ABOUT SCORING: Due to Covid-19, it is ideal to have just ONE person score for the ENTIRE ROUND.) Please check with the players on your card and see if there's a volunteer willing to take on this task. Otherwise, do the best you can.
Scorecards should be added and checked by each group/player before turning in.
Ace Payouts: Ace Payouts are, as always, pre-paid and by division. In the past, if an Ace were hit by someone during one or both of the first 2 rounds, we would voluntarily re-up$, but due to Covid non-cash procedures, we simply evenly SPLIT Ace$ (by division) to those that get an Ace during any part of the tournament. If NO Ace is hit, there will be a CTP, for Ace$ (again, by division) paying three(3) closest: 50%, 30%, 20%. {Just a reminder, the Turkey Shoot has never been about the money$, hence the $15 entry fee that hasn't gone up in 25 years! :-) It's about having a good time and enjoying Disc Golf! ;-) }

The same procedure for ties will apply to Consecutive Par (or better) payouts. (Note: We have NEVER had a tie in ConPars.)

THIS YEAR, we will try using Udisc Live Scoring as well as scorecards and will re-shuffle (change groupings) according to score by Division. This will happen after Rounds 1 and 2. Round 2 will commence ASAP after cards are re-grouped. Be prepared to be called in to a Player’s Meeting approx. 30 mins. after Round 1 completes for Round 2 information. After Round 2, there will be a 1-hour LUNCH BREAK, followed by a Player’s Meeting prior to final Round 3. Pay outs $$ and CTP prizes will be done via PayPal or electronic communication in the days following the event, like last year.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to BEGIN SCORING exactly on your STARTING HOLE. The scorecards have an indication over your starting hole# for Round 1. Please be sure your first scores get entered on THAT HOLE, and NOT Hole 1 (unless, of course, you actually start on Hole 1.) For Rounds 2 and 3 I'll need everyone to mark there starting hole number by putting a shape around number/# at top of card. Round 1 will have been pre-marked using a triangle. ROUND 2 will use a CIRCLE, and ROUND 3 will be indicated by a SQUARE/BOX.

There is a CTP every round for Each Division. You'll be shooting at Santa Cruz River Park Basket #18 three times from different positions/courses. Each round is a separate CTP contest. The CTP hole will always be the one that shoots at SCRP Basket 18.
Play WELL and, above all, HAVE FUN! Gobble-Gobble!!

Refund policy

Tucson Disc Golf Association/Dave Shircore is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
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