Triples Team Challenge - DeBary Open Fundraiser

Sunday, November 24, 2019 at River City Nature Park in DeBary, Florida
Disc golf teams tournament

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About this tournament

DeBary Triples Team Challenge
A DeBary Open 50/50 Fundraiser

Sunday 11/24/19
2 rounds, 4 formats!

Grab a couple friends and come play the tournament layout for the upcoming DeBary Open!

$20 per person = $60 per team ($30 - DeBary Open & $30 to payout)
Only 1 registration per team required.
Optional $5 cash CTP’s during the 1st round.

A-pool (highest rated player 950+)
B-pool (highest rated player 900-949)
C-pool (highest rated player below 900)

Tee Assignments:

A-pool: Barwick white tees / Alpha longs to yellow baskets
B-pool: Barwick white tees / Alpha longs to red baskets
C-pool: Barwick white tees (except ONLY the roads are OB on hole 15, grass area short of road will be inbounds) / Alpha shorts to red basket

Please provide full player names of all team members & PDGA numbers if current members just so we can easily verify proper pool placements for all teams.

Player ratings not required. Please consult with TD for unrated players unsure of the proper pool. Teams may be placed in pools at TD discretion based on player experience and in best interest of fairness to fellow competitors.

Round 1 - Barwick course
Front 9 = Best score format
Back 9 = Alternating shot format

Round 2 - Alpha course
Front 9 = Best shot format
Back 9 = “You had one job” format

Format rules:

Best score - All 3 players on the team play the hole as singles players; however only the best score among the team is written on the scorecard. If a player finds themselves unable to likely better their teammates’ scores, ie, they went into the rough but a teammate is parked, they must pickup their disc for the duration of the hole for sake of speed of play.

Alternating shot - Only one shot at a time can be made during play for a given team. The players will be noted on the scorecard in the alternating order in which they must begin playing each shot for their team. The order will continue alternating until the team is no longer playing a back 9 hole on Barwick. If playing the back 9 again later in the round due to starting hole, the alternating order resets to scorecard order when re-entering the back 9 holes.

Best shot - Each player on the team throws each shot but the team gets to choose the best teammate lie from which to take the next shot.

“You Had One Job” - At tournament check-in each team will designate specific job roles for the Alpha back 9. Each person is restricted to only being able to throw within the rules of their designated job description. Players may use any golf disc in their bag to perform their respective job duties.

Job roles include:

Driver: The only player on the team that is allowed to throw from the tee. The driver may ONLY throw from the tee and will not participate in the rest of the hole.

Putter: The only player on the team allowed to play a lie from inside circle 2 (estimated 66ft).
For throws that are close to circle 2 edge and too difficult to determine whether inside or outside of circle 2, the driver gets to select the other teammate they wish to take the shot.

Scrambler: The only player on the team allowed to play a lie between the teepad and circle 2. The scrambler may not even get to play holes in which the driver places their drive within the putters range; however, this job will be critical to cleaning up any of the driver’s mistakes and helping the team get up and down the longer fairways of the Alpha course back 9.

Refund policy

Matt Schenk is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Sunday, November 24, 2019
- 8:00am
- 8:30am
Players Meeting
8:45amRound 1 start time
- 1:00pm
LUNCH BREAK - 1 hr from last card turned in from Round 1
- 4:00pm
Estimated Round 2 start time
- 4:50pm
Awards / Payout

Player Divisions & Entry Fees