Trilogy Challenge at The LZ

Saturday, July 15, 2023 at The LZ DGC in Enterprise, Alabama
Disc golf doubles tournament

Trilogy Challenge at The LZ graphic


Tournament DirectorTodd Walz
Assistant to the Tourney DirectorLisa Walz

About this tournament

Trilogy Challenge at the LZ

A Trilogy challenge is a great event and will be used as fund raiser for The Wiregrass Disc Golf Club.

Single Round casual doubles event that is new player friendly. You can only play with the discs that come in the player pack!


$40 per player ($80 per team) and includes for each player:

Driver - Fuzion Ice ORBIT VANDAL
Midrange - Tourney ICE ORBIT WARSHIP
Putter - Retro ORBIT PURE
Microfiber Towel
Flexible Mini Marker

ADDITIONAL (and optional) FUN!
Ace Pot

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket

Player hand signed discs:
Calvin Heimburg Signed Halo Tern
Paul Ulibarri signed Raptor
Simon Lizotte and Avery Jenkins signed Deep in the Game



MA1 and MA2
Division for players that will all play from Long Pads

Division for players that will all play from Short Pads
IF you AND your partner are recreational players (plays MA3 in tourneys, plays a few times a month, have been playing for a few years)

Division for players that will all play from Short Pads
IF you OR your partner are novice players (a year or less of play, first tournament, causal player that plays once a month or less, etc) please move to the MA4 Novice division. If you need help doing this, let me know and I will take care of it for you.

Divsion for female players and will all play from Short Pads

Co-Ed (Short Long
Female players play from Red. Malr players play from blue.

Lone Ranger (Pair me up)
You will be paired up at the event with a double partner and assigned a division to best matches your combined skill level.


Champion Trophy AND Gift Card to Dynamic Discs awarded to the top finishers
*Gift card size ranges from $25 to $10 for each winner, determined by player pool size

- If you do NOT have a doubles partner you can sign up solo and be paired at the event.
- Severe weather will move the event to the following weekend
- Registration is open until the event fills OR 830am the day of the event

Refund policy

Wiregrass Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Enterprise, AL   Get Directions


Final Results

Don Cropenbaker
MA1 and MA2 (Long Pads)
1Mike Gelsomino
Russ Martin
43 (-11)
2Jayson Johnson
Zach Cole
44 (-10)
3Craig Wentland
Nick Gaglione
46 (-8)
4Chris Buie
Jacob Hawkins
48 (-6)
4Lance Griffin
Steve Mounce
48 (-6)
6Casey Tucker
Juan Emilio Gonzalez
49 (-5)
7Bryson Potts
Joseph Ealum
52 (-2)
8Escher Pageau
Jamie Pageau
54 (E)
Co Ed
1Hugo "DaBoss" Siegel
Kala "K-Love" Thomley
50 (-4)
2Kamakahanohano Guerreiro
Lisa Walz
52 (-2)
3Hogan Les W.
Stacey Hogan
54 (E)
Player Pack Only
1Christopher Martin
Johnathon Martin
1 (+1)
1 (+1)
1Juan Emilio Gonzalez
Juan Emilio Gonzalez
1 (+1)
Mixed Amateur 3
1Christopher Eaton
Mark Shipes
42 (-12)
2Brian Meadows
Scott, Shelley
43 (-11)
3Andrew Demers
Luke Retherford
44 (-10)
3Eli Whitehurst
Josh Jeffcoat
44 (-10)
3Gabe Brackin
Tanner White
44 (-10)
6Ron Ready
45 (-9)
7Derek Harrison
Edward Cafiero
46 (-8)
7Hunter Shipes
Jayden Young
46 (-8)
7Kirk Holland
Will Holland
46 (-8)
10Andrew Miller
Turner Locke
47 (-7)
11Burkley Ziesemer
Forrest Yoder
52 (-2)
Mixed Amateur 4
1Frank Gaines
Scott Brown
44 (-10)
2Gavin Maund
Jeremy Maund
46 (-8)
2Jerrami Browder
Shawn Roberts
46 (-8)
4Alex Brown
JD Echols
47 (-7)
4Bill Pogue
Craig Smith
47 (-7)
4Daniel Martin
Josiah Martin
47 (-7)
4Dave Andrews
David Andrews
47 (-7)
4Jacob Ealum
Tommy Ealum
47 (-7)
4Keith Ward
Waylon Bracewell
47 (-7)
10Aaron Martin
Brad Price
48 (-6)
10Judah Yoder
Nicolas Martin
48 (-6)
12Chris Scribner
Drew Eccles
49 (-5)
13Austin Holt
Riley Remple
50 (-4)
13Joshua Whiting
Urban Breed
50 (-4)
15Charlie Sperry
Matt Sperry
51 (-3)
16Billy Powell
Will Powell
54 (E)
16Patrick Brighton
Timothy Council
54 (E)
18David Smith
Jacob Rogers
56 (+2)
19Dakota Adkison
James Estes
57 (+3)
20George Sanderlin
Robert Robinson
62 (+8)
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