Trilogy Challenge @ Ottawa Park

Saturday, June 5, 2021 at Ottawa Park in Toledo, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

Trilogy Challenge @ Ottawa Park graphic

About this tournament

This will be 1 round flex start from the shorts. You will receive this year's 3 trilogy challenge discs in your player packs. You may only use these three discs for your round. Awards will be handed out after the last card comes in.
If ace is not hit, we will throw off for 50% the additional 50% will be donated to Rocket Disc Golf.

Refund policy

Bryan Day is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Ottawa Park - Short tees, 19 holes, par 57
1Joel Szirony5555
1Timothy Beerbower5555
3Alec Schmenk5656
4Justin Fehser5757
5James Cutri5959
5Jesse Barron5959
5Kale Divers5959
5Zachary Jablonski5959
9Andrew Goeder6060
9Dylan Pester6060
9Jason McCormick6060
12Dustin Massie6161
12Mason Tong6161
12Preston Elchert6161
15Clayton Wing6262
15Dylan Cole6262
15Sean Griffin6262
18Jonny Forney6363
19Ben Marshall6565
19Joshua Cole6565
19Justin Cole6565
19Myles Graber6565
19Sam Granata6565
24Jacob Greear6666
24Matt Fisher6666
26Benjamin Szirony6767
26Brent A Conley6767
28Christian Flores6868
28Thomas Abu-Absi6868
30Jacob Keller6969
30Marcus Amador6969
30Mark Schmenk6969
30Seth Kott6969
34Graeme Alcorn7171
34Marcus Koons7171
34Patricia Relue7171
34Preston Rosenberger7171
38Cody Meyer7272
39Alex Hernandez7373
39Jacob Walther7373
41Hope Heichel7676
42Douglas Park7878
43Ethan Schuka-0
43Jacob J Coon-0
43Jim Schuka-0
43Jonathan Heichel-0
Round 1: Ottawa Park - Short tees, 19 holes, par 57
1Nathanael Hoyle4949
2Demetrius Washington5555
2Jacob Garber5555
5Jamie Williams5656
5Paul Harris5656
7Brian Ulch Jr5858
8Kyle Murray5858
9Howard Coats6060
9Michael Burchfield6060
9Rylie Collins6060
12Howard Armstrong6161
13Craig Splittstoesser6262
13Tony Gede6262
15Mark Dembowski6363
15Ramsey Abu-Absi6363
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