Trilogy Challenge @ Oregon Park

Saturday, May 27, 2017 at Oregon Park in Marietta, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament


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About this tournament

The idea behind the Trilogy Challenge is to grow the sport of disc golf by providing beginners with everything they need to play. This is the fourth year of the Trilogy Challange at Oregon Park. As in years past, the Cobb Disc Golf Club seeks to give you more. More prizes and more activities. More options on when you play and more choices of the layout that best suits your skill level. While the Trilogy Challenge is geared toward beginners, we provide a tougher challenge and unique prizes for those who are more advanced players. Also, as has been true of each of our previous Trilogy Challenges, everyone has a chance to win no matter their skill level. For each top prize, there will also be the exact same item awarded in a raffle to everyone who signs up.

Important: To guarantee shirt size, you must sign up early.

This year our beginning players will be playing the shorter layout of Silver-to-Silver. This is officially the Trilogy Challenge at Oregon Park. Top prize is a mini-Recruit basket as well as a dyemax disc to commemorate your win. There will also be a second mini-Recruit basket raffled off. Everyone who plays the beginner layout will be entered.

Our advanced players will play Gold-to-Gold. They will be competing for a Dynamic Disc Zuca bag cart. There will also be a second Zuca cart raffled off. Everyone who chooses to play as an advanced player will be entered.

We will also have an optional ($5 extra, play as many rounds as you want) putting competition following the rules of the Dynamic Disc Winter Marksman Putting League. The winner will be awarded one of the Marksman baskets used in the competition to take home with them. There will also be a second Marksman basket raffled off to everyone who enters the competition. To learn more about the putting competition, go here

Refund policy

Cobb Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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