Trilogy Challenge @ Emerald

Saturday, October 3, 2020 at Emerald Park in Mesa, Arizona
Disc golf singles tournament

Trilogy Challenge @ Emerald graphic


Tournament DirectorRichard Stradling
Tournament DirectorTanner Allen

About this tournament

2020 Trilogy Challenge is perfect to try new discs coming out or just start get a set of discs to try out disc golf. So invite all your friends and come enjoy the Trilogy Challenge.

Refund policy

Rich and Tan Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. Refund of registration fees only guaranteed prior to close of registration.



Final Results

1130am Players Meeting
1Jared Clayton Robinson5555
2Erik Aguilar5656
2Joe Clare5656
4Jason Culberson5757
5Augie Walters5858
5Dawson Beck5858
7Blake Pelsue5959
7Brian Leidlein5959
7Trey Bower5959
10Evin Dempsey6060
10Gavin Stewart6060
10Thomas Stewart6060
13Andrew Garcia6161
13Matthew D Mecham6161
15Jonathan Galegher6262
16James Bedolla6262
17Cody Cookston6464
17Evan Coari6464
19Don Clark6565
19Jake Greenhalgh6565
21Nathan Sare6868
22Wil Gibbs6969
23Andy Bateman7070
24Kanan Minato7373
25Nicolas Lowry7474
26Charles Smith-0
26Don Cookston-0
26Trenton Smith-0
7:45 Players Meeting
1Evan Booth5151
1Tanner Allen5151
3Alex Ramirez5252
4Brandon Boscarino5353
4Jake White5353
6Mark Williamson5555
6WM Ryan Booth5555
8David Lynch5858
8Peter Jarvis5858
10Matthew Lynch5959
10Tim Bowyer5959
12Mathew Williamson6060
12Peter Cullen6060
12Serafin Salgado6060
12Ty Rutkowski6060
16Brian Johnson6161
16Samuel Victorio6161
16Sir Aaron McCormack6161
19Sam Springer6464
20Joshua Paul6565
20Pete Smith6565
22Ron Tiley6969
23Bob Horsley7373
23Colin Murphy7373
25Matt Wagner7979
26Dawn Galloway8080
27Jennifer Wagner-0
27Richard Rivera-0
27Zack Rush-0