Trilogy Challenge Weekend

Sat-Sun, July 24-25, 2021 at Roots DGC in Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

Trilogy Challenge Weekend graphic


Tournament DirectorAndrew H

About this tournament

Trilogy Challenge 2021 is a two day event! Day 1 will consist of a Singles Round flex start. Also there will be a distance competition and a putting competition on Day 1, with prizes for the winners!

Day 2 will be a doubles round, random draw format. Make sure to add the Sunday Option if you want to play Doubles. $5 additional buy in for Doubles, that goes to payout. You are not required to play both days.

Trophy Disc for the winner of each division. Random prizes will be given away, any entrant can win! (Women and Juniors have amazing odds!)

Refund policy

No refunds available, no exceptions. If you are unable to attend, a players pack will be saved for you.


Roots DGC
Salt Lake City, UT   Get Directions

Final Results

1Brodi Sabiston5252
2Camber Weiss5353
2Dylan Kamauoha5353
2Reid Goodfellow5353
5Davis Sturgeon5454
5Ethan Baham5454
7Josh K Knudsen5555
8Chris Ahn5656
8Kyle Ahn5656
8Sean Carroll5656
11Malachi Vazquez5858
11Robert Stearns5858
13Chuck Pearce5959
13Jace Chambers5959
15Conley Richins6060
15Elias Zimmerman6060
15Enrique Dejesus6060
15Jamie Smith6060
15John Bowser6060
15Nolan Horgan6060
21Ben Oliverson6161
21Eddie Carter6161
23Jacob Cooper6262
23Jared Done6262
25Anthony Bird6363
25David Hulet6363
25Nate Fultz6363
25Tyler Martin6363
29Brian Hampton6464
29Randy Brown6464
31Vail Paxman6565
32Jonathan Nash6767
32Josh Swift6767
32Luis Rodriguez6767
35Pat Baham6868
36Jacob Vockler6969
36Jayden Shields6969
38Michael Lane7070
39Braeden Casey7171
40Sean Martinez7272
40Taylor Dudleston7272
40Thomas Rolfe7272
43Rebecca Miles9696
44Joshua Williams-0
44Nate Crayton-0
44Steve Rowley-0
1Nick Lopez4747
2Evan Kalina4848
2Kevin Montgomery4848
4Josh Apple4949
5Dylan Lloyd5050
5Mike Taylor5050
7Brenden Redd5252
7Nathan Paxman5252
7Peter Heidlauf5252
10Jim Packard5353
11Clint Karren5454
11Dave Lancaster5454
11Risshan S Leak5454
11Zak Erickson5454
15Alex Dollarhide5555
15Curt Myrick5555
15Jimmy Staggs5555
15Kevin J Hoopes5555
15Kevin Pina5555
20Peter Farrow5656
20Zeke Wray5656
22Charlotte Christensen5757
22David Mariani5757
22Devin North5757
22Patrick Christensen5757
26Andrew Malone5858
26Braden Sten5858
28Vincent Ellsworth6060
29Jeffrey Howard6767
30Alex Covey-0
30Jake Smithiwick-0
30Rudy Wolfsfeld-0
30Shaun Bagley-0
1Josh Fawson6464
2Mason North6767
3Isaac Packard7070
4Cole Paxman7373
5Keenan Paxman8383
6Rogue Lopez116116
1Whitney Rowles6161
2Samantha Steyl6464
2Sara Widboom6464
4Jenna Goodrum6565
5Brooke Shields6666
6Kirsten Erickson6969
7Megan Brammer7676
8Jessie Paxman7777
9Alisha Richards7979
9Piper DeJesus7979
11Rachelle Carroll8181
11Valentina Coast8181
13Emily Williams-0
13Noel Covey-0