Trilogy Challenge - Sheboygan

Saturday, September 12, 2020 at Quarry Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Update at this point 9/4 I have 70 players packs ordered and coming. At the time I ordered we were at 50 players. I did submit an order for 20 more player packs tonight, but want a confirmation before opening up those spots.

Our flex start Trilogy Challenge gives the players a sweet player pack with 3 discs, towel, mini, and scorecard/pencil to use for the round. You must use only these 3 discs to record the best score you can in the single round event. Come with the guys/girls you want to play with and start anytime between 10a-4p or show up and wait for a group of 3+ to start between those times.

Layout at the Quarry will be:
Long Tees for the top holes 1-6 and 19 & 20. Short Tees will be used for the bottom holes 7-18.
We will play a 20 hole layout.

Please practice social distancing the best you are able for the safety of yourself and those on the course. We don’t want the city to frown upon disc golf events during this time and most certainly do not want our courses closed.

As a bonus Thank You for signing up I’ll randomly be drawing from names from those who play to give away a few of the sweet new Vandal X’s that I’ve fallen in love with.

Update: As my personal contribution to promote women to participate I’ll be providing $10/woman who plays cash towards a payout for a women’s division.

Refund policy

Sheboygan Eagles DGC is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Quarry Park
Sheboygan, WI   Get Directions


Final Results

Round 1: Quarry Park - Long Top Short Bottom, 20 holes, par 60
1Brian Braaksma5050$45
2Kristian Taylor5151$25
2Tou Pao Lee5151$25
4Adam Perry5252$25
5PJ Qunaj5353$20
6Jasko Mujkanovic5454$20
6Trevor Pockat5454$20
8Jake Albright5555$20
8John Reisweber5555$20
8Taylor Wirtz5555$20
11Tyler H Rudolph5656$10
12Ben Weiss5757
12Dave Maitland5757
12Jeff Goetsch5757
12Neil Schmitt5757
12Nic “Bieber” Prahl5757
12Nijaz Avdic5757
18Brandon Konaha5858
18Daniel Pflugradt5858
18Dick Abhold5858
18Zachary Aschenbach5858
22Chueyee Yang5959
22Dan Wolf5959
22Jonah Mason5959
25Elliott Higgins6060
25Joshua Linse6060
25Matthew Duffy6060
25Ryan Schmitt6060
25Steven March6060
30Anthony Hecht6161
30Chris Kohn6161
30David Hilbelink6161
30Matt Brickner6161
30Nathan Bitter6161
30Robert Yang6161
30Steve Wagner6161
37Harley Campbell6262
37John Marksman6262
37Sam Clark6262
37Zack Schuchardt6262
41Freddy Boom Boom6363
41Robert Betke6363
41Tom Macduff6363
44Jason Wilkens6464
44Joseph Michels6464
44Lou Ashley6464
44Nicholas Hemenway6464
44Noah Mason6464
49Chris Adams6565
49Chris Schumacher6565
49Luke Mason6565
49Matthew Baughman6565
49Noah Wleczyk6565
49Thomas Engerson6565
55Donald Carroll6666
55Matthew Strathmann6666
55Nick Schick6666
55Ron Spencer6666
55Ryan Smith6666
60Garet Prom6767
60Jacob Veldboom6767
60Kyle Hemenway6767
63Andrew Lamansky6868
63Miko Vollrath6868
65Samuel Sawall7070
65Scott Ward7070
65Shawn Anderson7070
68Preston Sprader7171
69JJ Froelich7272
70Carson Wilkens7474
70Kevin Smetana7474
72Les Sawdo7575
73Andrew Morrison7676
74Alex Vanden Heuvel8585
75Richard Pruitt9090
Open Women
Round 1: Quarry Park - Long Top Short Bottom, 20 holes, par 60
1Lauren Braaksma6363$35
1Michelle Sandquist6363$35
3Danae Strathmann6464$25
4Amanda Sawdo7373$18
4Hillary Kammerzelt7373$18
6Melissa Betke7575$10
7Becci L. Aschenbach7777$10
7Cora Laudolff7777$10
9Julianna Schick7878
9Leah Maitland7878
11Hannah Mason7979
12Erin Schmitt8282
13Kathryn Mason8484
14Rachel Schick8989
15Callie Young9393
16Katryna Farmer9898