Trilogy Challenge 2022 @ Page Park

Sunday, September 18, 2022 at Page Park in Bristol, Connecticut
Disc golf singles tournament

Trilogy Challenge 2022 @ Page Park graphic

About this tournament

Hi there! Welcome to the landing site of Connecticut's only Trilogy Challenge! Super pumped to bring this tournament back!

Quick at-a-glance: This will be a one-round tournament. Every player is automatically entered into the ace pot and will have the chance to compete for CTPs on every hole.

This is a shotgun start tournament (meaning everyone will start playing at 9am).

All registrants are automatically entered into the $150 Ace Pot, and entry to compete for a CTP on every hole. Also, you are invited to the Post-Tournament Party at the Tournament Director’s house (sponsored by Black Hog Brewing). At the party, there will be a putting contest, BBQ, and a viewing of the Green Mountain Championships! Address will be shared at registration.

If you signed up for Connie’s Cali, you are allowed one re-throw per hole (tee shot, upshot, putt, your choice). Also, you are able to compete for additional prizes.


In general, whoever lands closest to the basket on their tee shot will mark their disc with a flag. The following holes are 2-throw CTPs.

Holes 2, 5


Connie’s Cali
CTS aka Closest to Spot (this will be symbolized by an orange flag. Whoever is closest to that spot on their first throw will mark their disc with a white flag and write their name)

CTS - Holes 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14

CTT aka Closest to Tee (this is measured by your first throw. Whoever lands closest to the tee box will mark their disc with a white flag and write their name)

CTT - Hole 10


Out-of-bounds areas (please note changes on Holes 9 and 12)
Hole 2 - over fence on right-hand side
Hole 6 - All roads, and over fence (OB Long, good luck)
Hole 7 - Road (OB Long)
Hole 9 - Road (OB Very Long), (Blacktop is inbounds!)
Hole 12 - Water is OB (marked by flags)
Hole 13 - Road (OB Long)
Hole 14 - Road
Hole 15 - Road

Refund policy

Constantine Pappas is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Page Park
Bristol, CT   Get Directions


Current Standings

Round 1: Page Park - Long tees, 18 holes, par 57
1Carly Underwood60
2Kristen Kingsley65
3Rachel Irvin68
4Amber Chausse69
5Robin Pascarelli74
6Linda McMurray77
7Jeanna Strillacci78
7Kyle Veillette78
10Karoline Keith80
11Keli Veillette84
12Laura Hoke87
13Stephanie Bisbing99
Round 1: Page Park - Long tees, 18 holes, par 57
1Dalton Beighley48
1David Griffin48
3Rick Ardito51
3William Elwell51
5Aaron Thompson52
5Bradford Degregorio52
5Greg Miller52
5Ryan Thorne52
9Chris Amantea53
9Peter Bergeron53
11Ben Small54
11Brett Ridel54
11Dan Ney54
14Justin Lynch55
14Nicolas Dacey55
14Steven Puzzo55
14Tyler Welch55
18Mike Petillo56
18Paul Doucette56
20Eli Brashears57
20Mufaddal Mundiwala57
20Shane Kelley57
20Tyler Ropp57
24Cory Kelly58
24Dustin Kaiser58
24Paul Cappadona58
27James Meiman59
27Josh Stebbins59
27Seth Canaday59
27Thomas Portal59
31Aaron Paradis60
31Dellas Lambert60
31Trevor Mathiason60
34Kevin Spence61
34Matthew Bergeron61
34Matthew Broderick61
34Ryan Crooks61
39Bradley Lindberg62
39Doug Latham62
39Patrick Alexander62
39Tim Breault62
43Ryan Swilling63
44Donald Orcutt65
45Daniel Perillo66
45Patrick DiCaprio66
45Tommy Hing66
48Aaron Peirolo67
48Patrick Keithan67
48Sovandarith Chea67
51Robert Arthur68
52Stephan Berry69
53Chris Jalbert70
53Sven Dolling70
55Joshua Johnson74
57Matthew Cianciolo77
58Mike Vallerie79
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