Trilogy Challenge 2019 Fundraiser for Bird's Nest

Sunday, June 2, 2019 at Bird's Nest Disc Park in Arvada, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

Trilogy Challenge 2019 Fundraiser for Bird's Nest graphic


Tournament DirectorLauren Johnson
Tournament DirectorCorey Block

About this tournament

Thanks everyone for signing up!
Trilogy challenges are great for people new to disc golf because the registration fee also gets you everything you need to play that day.

Please note this event is Sunday June 2, 2019.

Please come between 10 and 4. Cards need to be at least 3 people.

Raffle tickets will be sold day of by cash, venmo, or paypal. $5 for 1 ticket, or 5 for $20.
Raffle items will include: Marksman Basket, numerous discs, donations from #9908 Disc Golf Sports Center, Más Disc Golf, 303 Discs, and Pyrohyzer.

I would encourage everyone to come as close to on the hour or half hour as possible or with at least people to play with.

Please comment with any questions.

Refunds are not guaranteed within 3 weeks of the event, however you will still receive your players pack.

Refund policy

Lauren Johnson is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Current Standings

1Fenton Taylor51
2David Russell-Kunz52
3Corey Block54
4Eddie Wooter54
5Raymond Packingham57
6Sean Griffard58
7Josh Kreutzer-
1Nick Burghardt50
2Eric Svee51
3John Oprysko53
4Richard Bookal55
5Taylor Adams56
6Adam Chainsfadays61
7Matt Tucker-
1John Marlatt53
2Greg Gilmore54
2Ian Sawyer54
4Tyler Hitt55
5Chris Kucharz56
5Mark Wandas56
7Austin Furst57
7Brian Agnes57
7Daniel Elsen57
7James Rodriguez57
7Scott Roberts57
7Seth Vigil57
13Chris Fullwood58
13Chris Houck58
13Justin Peck58
16James Logue59
17Andrew Dolinky60
17David Brannan60
17Kirk Kullby60
17Paul Caddick60
21Doug Allam61
21Sean Clark61
23Callum Dorey62
23John Michael Ahlbrand62
25Nathan Wilkinson63
26Josh Gosnell64
27Jesse Otto-
1Nick Peceniak53
2Ken Keene54
2Luis Nava54
4Kerry Collins56
4Kevin Galloway56
6Joshua Gerstenberger57
6Tyler Stark 11944157
8Jack Landon58
8Jerry Munoz58
10Alex Mejia59
11Adam Dorn59
11Taylor Dorn59
13David Alperti60
13Mike Maness60
15Chris Leete61
15Gilbert Ferreira61
15Kyle Turner61
18Brandon Shean62
18John Paul Beter62
18Joshua Nielsen62
18Shawn Cary62
22Brandon Ott63
22Chris Parker63
22Sean Wells63
25Andrew Gitner63
26Chris Clark64
27Alex Roth65
27Barry Jennings65
27Clifton Hill65
27Jonathan Byrd65
27Wyatt Redger65
32Ryan Inman66
33David E Mazza67
33Eric Baird67
33Keith Hoovestol67
36Alex Ward70
37Alan "Rick" Andrews72
37Skip Sprous72
39MarkS Barnett73
40Matthew Marold74
41Zak Kucharz78
42Raymond Brandenburg83
43Daniel Goss-
43David Bailey-
43Jim DeMatt-
43Matt Rendall-
Advanced Women
1Kim Spencer64
1Lauren Johnson64
Intermediate Women
1Eliza Burghardt65
2Torri Fullwood69
3Britt-Marie Sawyer70
Recreational Women
1Tearra Thomas76
2Brittany "B" Stover78
3Dana Lipfert82
4Lavena Olson84
5Kim Nielsen124
6Brianna Rolan-
6Natasha Fish-
Junior 18
1Maysin Marold-
Junior Girls 18
1Keri Agnes94