Toss 4 the Cross

Saturday, March 16, 2013 at Timber Park in Estacada, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


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About this tournament

What: Toss For The Cross

When: March 16th
8;30-10am sign ups, 10:30 start

Where: Timber Park- Estacada

Cost: $25 All Division-
Division's- Pro, Adv Am, Int Am, Rec & one more to be created based
on need ie; woman's/old men/kids, whichever makes more sense.
Bottom Line- 5 total Divisions, as that is what we have some sweet
trophies for.

Detail's/Backround: The idea behind this tourney started with my fiance. Her hometown in Jersey was devistated by hurricane Sandy, and she wanted to do something to help the many unfortunate souls who's lives have beeen turned upside down from the devastation. We looked into many charity's and organizations that we could run a fundraiser for and decided apon the Red Cross's New York Chapter, as they have done some great work providing assistance for a wide variety of people in that region. So it comes to this. With the help of my girl, my good buddys Skelly, Ty Baker and the RSF, Del, Stagg, and other's we are happy to anounce this tourney and put it out there for anyone to come and help us contribute to a good cause. What can you expect for your money you say? A great time for one. The satisfaction in knowing your donation of time and money is going to someone in need. And if that's not enough, there's more. With every paid entry will be providing a lunch, more info to come on that. Ctp's. A raffle with lots of cool swag. A long drive contest. Seperate ctp's to be thrown at for $1 a throw. Some Great trophies to the Winners of each division. And $10 of every entry will go back into the prize pool in each division, except rec(discs to be given out), for cash payout's.

We already have several sponsers on board, but are always interested in more. If you have any inclination to do so, please feel free to contact either myself via this thread/facebook/a PM, Tim Skellenger, or Ty Baker. We are currently in the process of looking high and low for anyone and anything that will make this event bigger and better. And if I know my friend's in the golf community, this event will no doubt end up being better than I could have ever expected going into this, so come out and have fun and help us out in this if you can.

For catering purposes mostly, we are asking that you pre reg if at all possible, but know that it is not required, just recommended as we are getting a lot of good feedback the last few weeks as things are coming together. There are a couple of ways to do so.

1.) You can do so in person, with Tim, Ty, or Myself.

2.) You can do so at our Pre-Cross toss in Feb at Rockwood/Vance park.

3. You can go to the Rockwood Sports Foundation and make a $25 donation, print a dated receipt, and contact us to confirm this. The great thing about that is it is a tax right off, for those interested.

Once again, thanks to all who are helping us to make this possible, and to those who have already stepped up to help sponser this event. I will be posting updates to this thread as we go. Pictures of the KILLER trophy package for each division and lunch menu options to come.

Thanks- Jerimie Lankins
503-481-1711 - leave message
Email [email redacted]


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