Time of Treesus Challenge! 2019

Sunday, March 31, 2019 at Firefighters Park in Troy, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

Time of Treesus Challenge! 2019 graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the Time of Treesus Challenge! This will be one round of 18 from the shorts at firefighter.

Entry fee includes a player package consisting of 1 Time of Treesus Buzzz Super color mid range driver With art work from Michael Barnard, artist from the garbage pail kids, and from Discraft. For the first 20 players to sign up they will also receive 1 Buzzz towel, 1 Discraft Hat, 1 Sportsack all with thanks to Discraft and Michael Barnard!!(retail Value of $50.00)

This tournament allows you to personalize your players package for an additional price.
There will be an ace pool(currently @ $70), ctps and Mulligan's for $5 each, Mulligan's you get 5 for $5 for the round of 18 so use wisely!

Ctp's will be hole 4 and hole 11. prizes will be ctp pins and a mini stash for winner + $20 cash prize for closest ctp of the holes.

BONUS CTP HOLE 13 DONATED BY PRIMAL PLASTIC, Thank you William Selders and Primal Plastic! CTP Prize----- 1 set of 6 pico minis.

Another Donated CTP HOLE 7 by Big Smoke's Disc Dyes & More. Thanks Big Smoke!
CTP Prize------ New Discraft Full Foil Firebuzzz.

Special Last place prize, " I tried but was treenied!" Donated by Dusty Holbrook of Dog House Dyes!

BAG TAGS ON THE LINE FOR THOSE THAT HAVE THEM. Looks like #1 might get a new home! Maybe!! I will also have challenge tags for those who don't have one, that would like to play as well.

First Place Winner will receive a First Place Trophy!! From Dawg Pound Disc Golf.
Also a special first place disc courtesy of Dusty Holbrook of Dog House Dyes!

side games Added (you can pay day of tournament to play side games.)

Side game #1--Buzzz(see saved pic) full foil throw off. $2 for one throw(no more than one throw allowed) and the closest to the pin wins the full foil buzz.

Side game #2--Quarters, bring your quarters everyone, every tree that you or any member of your group hits, they put a quarter in the pot, then the lowest score in each group wins their groups quarters!

Side game #3--Nassau, The Nassau is three bets in one: low score on the front nine, low score on the back nine and low score over the full 18. $3 to play. Payout is determined by the number of people who play. Break down as follows $1 goes towards front 9, $1 goes towards back 9, $1 goes towards overall low score.

Side game #4--Indian Run, you throw from 3 set areas 10ft, 20ft, and 30 feet, first time you miss your out. Winner will receive the following DONATED items! 1 Discraft Avenger SS control driver, 1 Latitude 64 Core mid range, and 1 Discmania P2 Putter all dyed by Dog House Dyes.
Thank you ANONYMOUS DONER!! For the generous donation and side game idea!

Refund policy

Dawg Pound Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. No Refunds within 2 weeks of the event starting.


Current Standings

1John Allport48
2Mike Sims52
3Thomas Grobbel53
4Jerry Johnson53
5Paul Holstein55
6Brian Evans56
6Dominic LeGrande56
6Jeff Zajac56
6Scott Semposki56
10Ken Campbell56
11Tyler Wilson58
12Kevin Berry58
13Brian Perryman58
14Ryan J. Wellman59
15David Myers61
15Matt Piet61
15Shawn Richards61
18AJ Nye62
18Larry Luettke62
20Stephen Guerrero62
21Dusty Dog Holvrook63
22John Papa Pork Bacon64
22Ron Gashell64
24Tad Reiner64
25Gabe Hess66
26Michael Reed69
27John Dowling69
27Michael Calderon69
29Mat Hemstrought69
30Charlie Bienenstein70
31Jason Josaitis77
32Anthony Verhey80
33Adrian "QP" Ruelas86
34Raymond "Pook" Guzman99
35Justin Josaitis100
36Christian "Flako" Marquez-
36Eric Groat-
36James Zimmerman-
36Jason Williams-
36Josh Lang-
36Juan "Big Smoke" Ruelas Jr-
36Kevin Egnatoski-
36Michael Wood-
36Mike Raabe-
36Tyler Peck-