Thunder Belly Rumble

Saturday, October 16, 2021 at Thunder Belly DGC in Lyman, Idaho
Disc golf singles tournament

Thunder Belly Rumble graphic

About this tournament

This tournament will be held at the course at my house. Please message me if you need my address. The player pack will include two custom stamped discs from MVP with the artwork shown on the red disc above other than I had the artwork expanded to 14cm. I am offering three divisions, but they are only to separate player packs. Little Belly's will receive a custom stamp ThunderBelly Nomad and a ThunderBelly Hex ($50 value). Medium Belly's will receive a ThunderBelly Nomad, a ThunderBelly Hex and a James Conrad Volt ($75 value). Thunder Belly's will receive a ThunderBelly Nomad, a ThunderBelly Hex, a James Conrad Volt and a Nate Sexton Firebird ($100+ value Sexon Firebirds are getting easier to find, but are still a bit tricky. The first to register will be the first to pick. I don't know if disc golf scene gives me timestamps, but I will do my best to honor that). Since most people are blessed to not be as delusional as I am, I will explain the artwork on the custom stamp. It is a picture of me with more beard and less belly, but for those that want to view the art differently or see themselves in it, in as much as it is art that is its beauty and your right. I earned the nickname "Daddy Thunder Belly" from my children after I took the teenage children snow caving and thought that chilli sounded like a good idea for dinner. In some ways it was. In some ways it wasn't. Players will have free access to the soda wagon through their rounds and a chili dog lunch with fresh onions before the final round. My home course is not very large, 4ish acres, so I am limiting the number of people that can register. I am not really a fan of raffles, but also not an entire hater. I tried to figure out a way to mix several levels and still leave the less disc golf advanced people with a chance to win. This is what I came up with. There will be a raffle for two discs, a Jeremy Koling Thunderbird and a Simon Lizzotte Tilt. Players will get two tickets each for each of the first two rounds completed. They will also get a ticket for each stroke under par they score on a round, a ticket for each birdie and five tickets for each ace. I will use to do the drawing so it eliminates any funny business about ticket folding. The first round will be the "Front 9" (possibly twice), the second round will be the "Short Course" and then we will have lunch and a drawing for the prize discs. The top four players will then have a playoff round on the "Back 9". The "Back 9" is a longer course, but crosses fairways a lot so I don't want to have several cards trying to play it at the same time. The winner in overall score will get to choose between a Sexton Firebird or a signed James Conrad Volt. I am not trying to make any money on the tournament. I just want to put on the best event that I can. I made the disc golf scene registration fees included in the cost so there won't be a surprise past the $40. After I get done buying chips, onions and dogs any left over money will go into additional prizes. I am really excited to host my first tournament and I hope that you can make it and I hope that you love your player pack discs. I also hope that you enjoy my course.

I am not going to make this a PDGA sanctioned event, but in as much as this will be at my home, I will ask for the same dress code and courtesy as if it were a PDGA sanctioned even. This includes wearing clothes, not smoking or vaping, not using alcohol, not swearing etc... I want this to be family friendly. Thank You!

Refund policy

Teton River Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.