Throwmore 2022: The Spring Menagerie Week 5 (rd7)

Saturday, May 21, 2022 at Warriors Path State Park in Kingsport, Tennessee
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

Welcome to the Spring Menagerie! This is a six week league that will run from April 9 until May 28th! We will be taking April 30th and may 7th off for other events.

This is a flex start league! you will also be required to play in the division that your rating dictates unless you are classified as a professional with the PDGA .


$10 Entry fee breakdown:
$3 for park fees and PDGA fees
$2 held back within each division for end of the year league finale payout
$5 goes to weekly payout!

(Gold get cash, everyone else get Throwmore Credit)

$1 ace pool (we will not make change for buying into ace pool. Bring 1 dollar to buy into ace pool)

Layout for week 1: 1-3 13-27 shorts
Layout for Week 2: 1-18 Shorts
Layout for Week 3: Hard 18 of 27
Layout for Week 4: Front 18 longs
Layout for week 5: East Asian Warpath
Layout for week 6: Max's Madhouse Layout

Sign up through discgolfscene is preferred.

Flex Start 11-2. We prefer discgolfscene sign up as it makes everything run better and quicker. We will be doing live scoring for this event and I will only take live scoring as an option as multiple people can log in to keep score. We don't want groups of three or five if at all possible for pace of play and getting the most people in to play. Weekly payout can be collected at Throwmore.

East Asian Warpath Layout:
1. Hole 20-22 Short
2. Road tee to 23 Long
3. Hole 26 from upper/right tee to left pin
4. Hole 27 Medium Pin
5. Hole 19 to Hole 1 Long
6. Hole 2 short double mando
7. Hole 3 to 4 short
8. Bottom tee to 5 long
9. Hole 6 long to long
(walk through hole 7 and halfway up hole 8 and take a path on the left side of 8's fairway. walk past C's basket and when the path forks go right.)
10. Hole B from carpet tee
11. Hole C
12. Hole 9 Long
13. Hole 10
14. Hole 11
15. Hole 12
16.Hole 14 from carpet tee to new long pin
17. Hole 15 get across creek or go to drop zone
18. Hole 17 from carpet tee to right pin

Refund policy

Throwmore Disc Golf Store is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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