Discs for Darts - Throw to Grow #GrowTheSport

Saturday, May 5, 2018 at Davis Applied Technology College in Kaysville, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament


Discs for Darts - Throw to Grow #GrowTheSport graphic


Tournament DirectorShawn S

About this tournament

Register NOW at https://infinitediscs.com/Event/5086/Discs-for-Darts---NoGrowTheSport

Discs for Darts is an Tournament/Event that will put a starter set of discs, in the hands of Davis High School students for Gym class. Disc Golf is currently taught as part of the curriculum at the school, but their discs are lacking. We have partnered with Infinite Discs to get 60 sets of discs at a discounted price, so that each student can be on the course with a Putter, Midrange, and Driver. Your Entry fee will go toward the cost of these discs, as well as a tournament stamped disc for each player. All players signed up in Novice, will receive a 3 disc beginner set, the same as what is getting donated to the school. There will also be a small payout (in Infinite Bucks) for each division.

- All players (not in Novice) will receive a tournament stamped disc. There will also be a small payout (Infinite Bucks) for each division

-All Players registered in the Novice division will receive a 3 disc starter pack, and no payout.

Refund policy

Shawn Swapp is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.