"Throw N Grow"

Saturday, July 24, 2021 at Isaac D. Rodriguez Park in Weslaco, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

How It Works
PAR2 is a casual, unsanctioned tournament with nine to eighteen holes 180 feet and under. The goal is to run at aces, card 2’s, and have fun. Whoever scores the lowest round wins. Players must use the provided discs in their players pack for all throws. It is a great way to promote the sport of disc golf, involve all skill levels, and have a great time throughout the year!

Minimum 1 round of 18 holes, to as many you can play in a day, with on your lowest score recorded.

PAR2 Replay
TD's are encouraged to offer Replays. A replay is a second, third...round that is $5.00.

Course Layout
Holes are 180' and under. All holes are Par 2.

Entry Fees
Entry fees are standardized at $30 USD, $40 CAD, or €30. Entry fees include one full round of play, and the included Player's Package.

Player Package
The 2021 PAR2 Player's Pack consists of:

P Model S - Custom PAR2 stamp
P Model US - Custom PAR2 stamp
M Model S - Custom PAR2 stamp
Microfibre towel

Player's are required to use the discs included in the Player's Package, and only these discs.

Prize Package
The prizes for each PAR2 event are Prodigy Disc full colour discs for winners of each of the 6 divisions with $20 gift cards, along with $20 gift certificates for the runners up.

Note - PAR2 organizers are responsible for shipping. In the event a PAR2 Organizer must cancel an event after purchasing PAR2 packs, the PAR2 organizer is responsible to ship packs to participants.

Refund policy

Scott McFarland is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Current Standings


Danny Elizondo JrHole 15 on Main course, Regular tees
Chris KongHole 4 on Main course, Regular tees
Junior - Boys (12 and under)
1Joaquin D. McFarland17
2Agustine De La Rosa23
3Mark Cisneros37
Open - Men
1Humberto Romo7
2Marcos Cisneros8
3Justin Hinojosa9
4Rey Tijerina10
5Brett Bralley11
5Sergio Luna11
7Matthew Pompa12
8Valentin Rodriguez Jr.13
9Xavier Perez16
10Mike Alvarado18
Recreational - Men
1John Saenz11
2Jonathan De Leon12
3Henry Camarillo13
3Josh Rodriguez13
3Joshua Carrizales13
3Todd Jones13
7Cameron Bellers14
7David Pederson14
7Edgar Salazar14
7Jo Jo Ortegon14
11Chris Kong15
11Isaac Carrizales15
11Joseph Pederson15
14Dennis Hernandez Jr.16
14Joey Pena16
16Chris Reyes17
16Hunter Schultz17
18Daniel Brooke18
18Danny Elizondo Jr18
20Andrew Hernandez21
20Guillermo Aguilar21
22Jacob AndrewPerez24
22Jorge Garza24
22Luis Gonzalez24
25Jacob Lugo28
26Michael White31
27Matthew Hernandez33
28Patrick O'Donnell-
28Ryan Lanoy-
Recreational - Women
1Romina McFarland22
1Shannon Roberts22
3Crystal Pina27
4Mindy Kong28
5Gracie Garcia32
6Sarah Estrella Reyes-