Third Annual Nathan T. Thatcher Disc Golf Tournament

PDGA logoSunday, June 11, 2023 at Indian Lake - Oldfield Beach in Lakeview, Ohio
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Third Annual Nathan T. Thatcher Disc Golf Tournament graphic


Tournament DirectorJoshua Hipsher
Assistant Tournament DirectorBrent Rosen

About this tournament

Welcome to the Third Annual Nathan T. Thatcher Disc Golf Tournament at Indian Lake.
Thanks for your interest! This will be the first year that this tournament will be PDGA sanctioned. The focus of this tournament is to raise money for the Chippewa Youth Center, a local center that serves the community of Indian Lake and its surrounding areas. A portion of each registration will go towards the Chippewa Youth Center and the Indian Lake Development Corporation in hopes of lifting up the community.

This is a no player's pack event.

In order to both raise the most money for the Chippewa center and at the same time maximize pay out across the entire field, there will be no player's pack for this event. Six Sided Discs will be AM handling payout afterwards and will also be donating discs to the Chippewa Center. If you have discs that you'd like to donate to the Chippewa center as well, please bring them and Six Sided Discs will collect those during the tournament.

The Indian Lake course at Old Field beach has 9 permanent baskets but we'll also be adding 3 additional temporary holes for the tournament. The added holes are to open up registration as much as we can, while still maintaining PDGA legal cards. So there will be two rounds and everyone will play from the same tee boxes for each round. (If we don't fill completely, we may end up not adding all 3 temporary holes but the plan is for 3 temporary holes)

The first round, players will play through all 12 holes twice from the short tees, totaling 24 holes for round one. The second round will play exactly like the first round, totaling 24 holes from the short tees.

If you'd like to sponsor one of the 12 holes, we're going to open up early registration on February 15th. We'll include your name, business, or media company on a sign put up at each hole. Please remember that we will follow the PDGA refund policy. Early sponsor fees are non-refundable, but we will provide a full refund of the entry fee.

If you don’t see your preferred division, feel free to reach out and we can add it.

We will also have a random draw doubles tournament at Noon on the Saturday before on June 10th. Cost for that will be $10 which will all go towards the center but we'll have prizes for winner and some randomly drawn for the participants. (

Reserve your camping spot here!!park/105

Third Annual Nathan T. Thatcher Disc Golf Tournament Caddy Guide

Temp Hole Sponsors:
Hole A: Disc Golf Recovery Ohio
Hole B: Just Blinds Columbus
Hole C: Six Sided Discs

About Tourney
Nathan T. Thatcher was an amazing local, Indian Lake resident who loved disc golf and volunteered with the ILDC (Indian Lake Development Corporation) to put in the Oldfield Beach, 9-hole course at Indian Lake. He unfortunately passed away during the pandemic but his legacy of charity and helping others lives on with this tournament. $10 from every registration will go to the ILDC and Chippewa Youth Center. Please also consider bringing discs to donate to the Chippewa Youth Center since we’re also donating a pop-up basket after the event. To decrease costs of event registration, this is a no player’s pack event.

PDGA Live Scoring Password: LAKE
Schedule (Tentative):
• 7:00am-8:45am: Player Check-In
• 8:45am-9:00am: Player’s Meeting
• 9:15am: Round 1 starts
• Lunch
• Round 2 starts 1 hour after round 1 is finished
• Payout to be handled by Six Sided Discs after Round 2 is finished. Payout MUST be used at event or is lost.

Each round: 24 holes (play the following twice)
Total: Par 78 (6,480’)
Hole 1: Par 3 (190’)
Hole 2: Par 3 (246’)
Hole 3: Par 3 (232’)
Hole 4: Par 4 (399’): OB is marked by flags and rope the entire length of the whole, on the edge of the dredge along the right side of the fairway. Discs will not be retrieved, and the park is asking we don’t go into the dredge if possible.
Hole 5: Par 3 (260’)
Hole A: Par 3 (225’)
Hole 6: Par 3 (194’)
Hole 7: Par 3 (293’)
Hole 8: Par 4 (361’)
Hole 9: Par 4 (400’)
Hole B: Par 3 (200’): Island hole: Must make island where basket is. If disc is not inbounds off tee, proceed to drop zone. If you still aren’t inbounds after the drop zone, play disc where it was last inbounds. If disc never went inbounds, throw from drop zone again.
Hole C: Par 3 (240’)

Course Rules:
• Vehicles and pedestrians have right of way. Please wait until throwing path is clear for both since there’s a walking path that goes along the entire course and the roadway comes into play on temp holes B and C.
• Dredge is considered OB everywhere along course.
• Roadways are considered OB. You can see it pictured in the pictures tab on DiscGolfScene, marked in red.
• Water in Indian Lake is considered OB but if any other standing water is on the course, players can get casual relief from, no closer to the basket.
• All walking paths are considered inbounds.
• Stay out of both “dredge” areas. (The first area is to the right of hole 4 at the top of the hill on other side OB. The second area is beyond the walking path past hole 5’s basket, to the left of the walking path along temp hole A’s fairway, and the area to the left of the walking path on hole 9 and temp hole C) You can see it pictured in the pictures tab on DiscGolfScene, marked in red.

Food options close by:
• Buckeye At the Lake (opens at 11am)
1197 OH-235, Lakeview, OH 43331 (2-minute drive)
(937) 633-0068
• Shakes at the Lake (opens at 11am)
13305 OH-235, Lakeview, OH 43331 (4-minute drive)
(937) 597-9114
• La Playa Azul (opens at 12pm)
305 E Harrison St, Lakeview, OH 43331 (5-minute drive)
(937) 633-0401
• Route 33 Eats N’ Treats (opens at 12pm)
401 Main St, New Hampshire, OH 45870 (8-minute drive)
(419) 780-4070

Refund policy

ILDC (Indian Lake Development Corporation) is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Brendan Beeney5662118$110
2Ben Creger5860118$66
3Brent Rosen5860118
4Caleb Thomas5961120
5Graham Ervin5863121
6Joel Sheeley6163124$27
7Nate Fisher6264126$11
8Clay Hartness6363126
8Jacob Deitchley6165126
8Justin Campbell6363126
11Mike Ford6169130
12Matt Kapusta6767134
13David Snodgrass6471135
14Alex Cameron60-60
15Shawn Wright Jr62-62
16Joe Bauer65-65
17Seth Johnson69-69
1Aaron Richter6558123
2Jeremiah Rall6067127
3Bryan Simpson6566131
4Jason Ferguson71-71
1Jason Stangel7468142
1Dylan Pratt6968137
2Justin Combs7076146
3Jake Impson72-72
1Josh Dunny6568133
2Steven Stalder6669135
3Joshua H Llewellyn6671137
4Michael Carpenter7070140
5Aaron Carr7075145
6A A Ron Deubner7478152
7Q Lewis8079159
8Chris Wright8080160
9Eric Newell68-68
10Joshua Hipsher75-75
1Nathan Monnin6566131
2Julianne Simpson6468132
3Kevin Connell6769136
4Derrick Edsall6573138
5Eric George7071141
5Greg Randolph6873141
7Eric Stepp6874142
8Adam Crane6974143
8Jay Harding7370143
8Jeff McCall6677143
8Kenneth Jackson7172143
12Preston Rembis7076146
13Josh Woody7277149
14Andrew Pack7488162
15Dave Hunsicker8578163
16Ramell Middleton8283165
17Brad Mays8087167
18Patrick Baumann8991180
19Kyle Feazel70-70
20Shawn Wright71-71
1Megan Connell10798205
1Johnny Connell7282154
2Graysen Denman8785172
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