The Weeklies at Stadium - Week 2

Saturday, October 9, 2021 at Natividad Creek Park in Salinas, California
Disc golf singles tournament

The Weeklies at Stadium - Week 2 graphic


Tournament DirectorChris Clay
Assistant Tournament DirectorEddie Gargiulo

About this tournament

Welcome back for round 2! We have changed the course around to create a different playing field for you to test your skills. I have listed some of the pin changes and additions to the course layout to note below:

Hole #// pin pos.// par// Notes/Rules
1// Long// 3// two-meter rule
2// Normal// 3// two-meter rule
4// Normal// 4// Long Tee. OB right in a hook shape aiming right, the temp tee sign will show an image.
5 // Normal // 3 // No island or OB, wide open.
6 // Normal // 3 // two-meter rule, OB left and long starting at the edge of the path. Marked with white paint.
7 // Normal // 3 // two-meter rule
8 // long // 4 // Long Tee. OB left starting at the path edge. Marked with white paint.
9 // long // 3 // no additional rules
10 // Normal // 3 // Nomad Tee. two-meter rule. OB right starting at the edge on the sidewalk.
11 // short // 3 // two-meter rule. Island, marked with white paint. If missed, use the DZ.
12 // Normal // 3 // two-meter rule, OB right starting at the edge of the sidewalk.
13 // short // 3 // two-meter rule, Mandatories marked by yellow arrows on trees
14 // long // 3 // No additional rules.
15 // long // 3 // two-meter rule, OB left starting at the curb for the walking path.
16 // Short // 3 // OB left starting at the edge of the path, market with white paint.
17 // Short // 3 // two-meter rule.
18 // Normal // 3 // No additional rules.

* Temporary Tee signs explaining the rules above will be added soon, printing and laminating Monday.

New to this week is the addition of an Ace Pot and CTP's on two selected holes (TBD). The CTP prizes are going to be some AGL discs that will be announced the morning of.

If the ace pot is not hit during the league, it will be added to the payout pool for the final league round (which will include payout to the top 40% in a two tiered system)

General League Information:
The Nomads Disc Golf Club is hosting a sanctioned league to give some of the local players a chance to compete, build up their rating, and start something new at the Stadium disc golf course. We have 7 weeks of rated leagues starting Saturday, Oct. 2nd and ending Saturday, Nov. 13th.

The game plan is to change up the course each week to give the players a different competitive setting and keep things fresh. All course layouts will be published to Udisc a week in advance and converted after each league round to give everyone some time to familiarize themselves with the course if they would like. Hole markings will be provided on every hole with additional mandatories and OB's to help keep things clear.

This will be a rating-only league. There are no payouts for this league currently. The cost will be $1 per week for each division to pay for the PDGA registration fees ($2.88 total with DiscGolfScene and PayPal fees).

Players in this league will sign up by color division. The divisions available are: Gold (970+), Blue (<970), White (<935), Red (<900), Green (<850), Purple (<800), players without a PDGA number can sign up for purple to get an unofficial rating for each round.

Please ensure that your tee time has a minimum of 3 players in the event and you are playing by all PDGA rules. Make sure that if your card would like to start on a different hole that the rest of your card agrees on that hole.

Scores will be kept using the PDGA digital scorecard. More information can be found here:

Live scoring is found at:
The password for the scoring is: Nomad!

If you have and questions, please reach out to [email redacted].

Refund policy

Nomads Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Blue [rating <970]
1Joey Garcia5353106
2Robert Soratos5057107
3Samuel Gomez5653109
4Doug O'Dell51-51
5Eddie Gargiulo52-52
6Christian Anderson53-53
7Scott Mac55-55
8Lance Mandilk61-61
Red [rating <900]
1Christopher Clay5455109
1Eddie Sanchez5356109
1Joshua Clay5356109
4Patrick Neish5955114
5Alejandro Gomez5467121
6Roshan Thomas51-51
7Evan Robinson66-66
Green [rating <850]
1Rogelio Reyes-5858
2Kevin Byrnes-6161
Purple [rating <800]
1Joseph Martinez5057107
2Brian Lewis5458112
2Jesus Verduzco5458112
4Jesus Alfaro5956115
5Paul Solorio5859117
6David Marple5764121
7Nick Jackson5865123
8Carlos Lira6459123
9Alvaro Alfaro6164125
10Miguel Lira6165126
11Brian Smith6169130
12Victor Farias6765132
13Isac Lira6865133
14Luciano Rodriguez6767134
15Jaunito Perez6672138
16William McKeown59-59
17Leonel Munoz-6161
17Marcus Fragoso-6161
19CT Francisco-6262
19Sergio Suarez-6262
21Quinn Tomlinson62-62
22Lisa Mac63-63
23Benjamin G Banek-Booher-7171
24Filimon Garcia-7373
24Rogelio Chavarin-7373
26Gerardo Echevarria-8787
27Juanito Perez--0
27Victor Farias--0