The Stampede Presented By Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 29-30, 2019 at Stampede Reservoir in Truckee, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorDan O.
Co TDMandy Redfern

About this tournament

Smaller divisions will have to be eliminated prior to the event. I'll allow divisions of 3 players or more.

T-shirts have been ordered. Sizes are limited. Show up early if you're a last minute entry to guarantee your proper size.

Parking will be limited for this event, please carpool if you can.

Cancellations must be done prior to June 15th for entry fee refund. You'll get a quicker response if you text me. 775-378-3832 -Dan O.

Please respect the rules of the course, absolutely no smoking off of the pavement.

You can check for camping, not sure if there's anything available. It was going fast last time I checked. Again, please carpool. Campsites are limited, and the course parking should not be your overflow parking.

Refund policy

Tournament Director is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Ryan Rhodes495346148$455
2Dave Burnham515151153$273
2Spencer Ling505350153$273
4Quinn Berkovatz495452155$187
5Brian Costa515649156$146
6Rivers Sherrod515452157$114
7Joe Forrest525155158$97
8Maximus Meyer555255162$81
9Brandon Eggenberg576148166
9Dustin Evanger546151166
11Austin Spradlin535955167
12Joshua Matzke565755168
13Don Harris596152172
13Mitchell French585757172
15Corey Kelso586061179
Pro 40+
1Paul Piper525248152$356
2Skot Meyer555452161$225
3Mike Bubba Mallegni585451163$165
4Serjio Castaneda565355164$120
5Edward Poynor555753165
6Brian Nightingale545856168
7Brent Spradlin556356174
8William Lewis57598881004
Pro 50+
1Mike Loya515148150$423
2Derek Johnson555249156$296
3Doc Little535849160$212
4Ron Skull Brown525654162$156
5Blake Tresan525954165$134
6Paul Sanchez555853166$105
7Mike Griffith585456168$82
8Pete Johnson595954172
9Doug Johnson586055173
10Arjang Mirzadegan616056177
11Rich Phelps645857179
12Raymond Barron Jr606456180
13Joe Hartman635959181
Pro 60+
1David Malolepszy576154172$271
2Craig Getty666060186$162
3Dave Chapman706462196
4Steven Jones717167209
Open Women
1Amanda Zaccone616156178$217
2Savanna Prather736868209
1Zach McFarling545652162
2Ben Slakey525952163
3Josh Fisk585651165
4Zach Zimlich585850166
5Zach Heitzenrader595954172
6Derek Moore666152179
7Alex Elenez675856181
8Dylan Coe636261186
9Mitchell Cavin637065198
Amateur 40+
1Tullin Valdez586051169
2Vance Weems605852170
3Mark Morton625554171
4Shawn Shu Shu Stanley546159174
5Dane Bettencourt586057175
6Jason Williams616357181
7Jeff Groller656355183
7Jerry Hey656454183
9Dylan Gadd676361191
9Eric Wonhof616763191
Amateur 50+
1Jeromy Williams556056171
2Paul Woodin596052171
3Bob Diamond596155175
4Johnny Blue646158183
4Mike Medina666156183
6Steve Higs626756185
7Scott Prescott656558188
8Stephen Hey696463196
9Kevin Leach747269215
10Mark Fulton727571218
1Wesley Haskell605554169
2Rich Fox605653169
3Charles Ray606151172
4Casey Jensen546357174
5Daniel Humphreys566555176
6Trevon Williams596654179
7Bear castaneda606358181
8Cody Douglas586662186
9Nick Shaw617155187
10Adam Schuveiller627058190
11Ralph Apgar696163193
12John Bionaz636964196
13Tyler De La Torre696961199
14Jordan Nickoli716768206
Advanced Women
1Julie Nightingale667365204
2Gayle Key747366213
3Mandy Redfern768476236