The ILT - Southern Smash - Presented By Innova Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, January 20-21, 2024 at Queens Park Championship Course in Invercargill, New Zealand
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

The ILT - Southern Smash - Presented By Innova Discs graphic
Added cash NZD4,140


Event SupportBray Marsden
Tournament DirectorHaydn Shore
Assistant Tournament DirectorCalvin Jenkins

About this tournament

** One of New Zealand's Premier Events. Back for another belter of a tournament weekend in 2024. 2x Courses - Everyone will play both courses. Gold & Red.
The Southern Smash 2024 will run as a part of the brand new NZ Elite Series and will back onto the brand new 2 Day Roxburgh Open which is being held the weekend before just 90mins up the road.

Refund policy

Disc Golf South is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
50% Refund after 1st January 2024
No Refunds Available after 10th January 2024


Queens Park Championship Course
Invercargill, New Zealand   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Levi Stout654755167$709
2Ethan Stout615162174$502
3Francis Orange585763178$413
4Andrew Popham615266179$295
5Sebastian Falconer645562181$189
6Hayden Edgley665962187$118
7Stephen Reid695267188
8Trent Hogg655767189
9Jaden Menzies695568192
10Andrew Fleming706065195
11Ben Schikker666072198
12Philip Botha666370199
13Riley Bruce755769201
14Te Katene Ngatai765771204
15Morgan Harteveld756567207
16Maxime Tanghe77--77
1Jonny Ferrari605168179$532
2Trevor Harbolt675362182$425
3Hemi Te Awhitu655563183$295
4Tom MacKay645471189
5Michael Yu695566190$89
6Jaye Pukepuke686263193
7Barry Van Beek695867194
7Chris Dickson695570194
7Roddy Mckay665969194
7Steven Tait735269194
11Kyle Martin756366204
12Peter Mckay735876207
1Echo Li756179215$266
2Hayley Flintoft825677215$118
3Michaela Kerr756878221
1Sam Liken675159177
2Norman Tudor665267185
3Jin Kato655863186
4Sam Cole695563187
5Isaac Latta715764192
6Tylor Malzard685472194
7Ewan Andrew705768195
7George Moss655674195
9Jack Maffey735469196
10Bray Marsden675972198
11Samuel Hulbe-Pulver725869199
12Guus Van Gisteren735871202
12Johnathan Brown726169202
14Jack Halliday746071205
14Jayden Black726073205
16Adam Swann775972208
16Jeremy Hills755875208
16Kahlil Shearer755776208
16Matthew Straupmanis726175208
20David Huang775875210
20Ethan Duggan726375210
22Brandon Ralph775779213
22Conor Bishop746376213
24Adam Rimes796570214
1Haydn Shore597154184
2Andrew Barnett617457192
3Cain Henry617957197
4Shannon Kite627561198
5Jim Hemingway667559200
6Matthew Rance578064201
7Eric Tui677858203
8Lance Easson667266204
9Scott Brooker648259205
10Arne Burgess598365207
11Steven Smith748769230
12Roy Poutasi779484255
13Craig Atkinson799583257
1Geoff Lewis587457189
2Leon Botha597659194
2Mark Tebbutt607658194
4Andrew Falconer647658198
4Joshua Walker597960198
6Robert Mcnaughton628461207
6Scott Pulver647964207
8Daryll Winter708870228
9Ray Duncan799374246
10Coren Sherriff7410073247
11Tony Thompson7810173252
1Steve McVicar657958202
2Rob Kent688772227
3Donald Booth699074233
4Stephen Bunting7210176249
5Greg Cormack8411890292
6Paul Kenneth Deacon13013986355
1Stevieray Cleghorn587155184
2Tim Giles617459194
3Latham Storm667161198
4Brent Mayhew638155199
5Joseph Ball627762201
6Liam Spronken637664203
7Mike Innes666969204
7Rob Tadman617964204
9Alan Meygatron667862206
10Fabien Montiel687762207
11Johnson "Beast" Keast608167208
12Simon Mitchell727661209
13Keefe Stephens627969210
14Ken Dalhuisen669065221
15Shaun Casey839779259
1William Muraahi697861208
2Calvin Jenkins648864216
3Rob Maxwell678666219
4Jake Meikle718169221
5Dylan Harvey688571224
6Richard Hiki-Pene768468228
7Robbie Gill718973233
8Andrew Ralph709570235
9Ben Bunting808473237
10Connor Rabbidge759470239
11Kylie Sheehy7610377256
1Victoria Speller776174212
1Nicola Stout627756195
2Donna Cormack789986263
3Tui Smith8810076264
1Dianne Thompson8812783298
2Linda Hunt9012386299
2Suzanne Booth9111890299
1Rowan Simmons679576238
2Nicky Day729773242
3Hannah Tebbutt8410777268
1Thomas Jennings587063191
2Casey Thompson607359192
3Conner Rance587864200
4Tiaki Gillies648067211
5Euan Bergius709573238
6Lachlan Mckay739969241
7Grayson Hean829885265
8Carter Dickson7710785269
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