The "Rubber Ducky"

Saturday, April 23, 2011 at Dry Creek Parkway in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Disc golf singles tournament


The "Rubber Ducky" graphic

About this tournament

The “Rubber Ducky” Special Tournament Rules 2011 by hole:

(1) Mando heckle hole. Failure to heckle = +1 stroke per player
(2) No chains
(3) Opposite hand; all shots
(4) Opposite hand traps (touching is in)
(5) Island hole drive until you make it
(6) All play 2nd shot from best drive
(7) Same as hole 4
(8) Mini only, use mini basket
(9) Blind folded drive
(10) Heckle if you like
(11) Putter only; all shots
(12) Clown’s mouth mando
(13) CTP
(14) Same as 4, & 7
(15) All play 2nd shot from worst drive
(16) Roll the dice: 1=backhand; 2=forehand; 3=tomahawk, 4=thumber, 5=roller; 6=group decides
(17) Mando redo any shot (group choice) 1 redo per player
(18) Longest putt