The Mozeathon, a course fundraiser, presented by Innova

PDGA logoSaturday, June 22, 2019 at J.P. Moseley Park in Stockbridge, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Asst. Tournament directorTyson Puckett
Tournament DirectorTravis Hurt

About this tournament

J. P. Moseley wants new baskets and we need your help! This year we will be playing a 21 hole layout (1-18, 2a, 2b, and 2c) over 2 rounds in order to raise money for new Innova Discatcher baskets. You can help by either playing in the tournament, buying a fundraiser tshirt, or sponsoring a hole during the tournament, all with added benefits to you.

Facebook event page-

includes ( but not limited to ):
• Autographed, Paul Mcbeth signature undertaker
• Ice ( clear with white stamp ) Paul Mcbeth Champion Thunderbird
• Free shirt of your choice
• Tie Dyed disc towell

( Players pack includes - Innova cotton tee, a DX disc, a towel, sticker, and innova coupon )

Hole Sponsors-

$50- will get your name on the bench of the hole you sponsor.
$75- you will get your name on a permanent sign attached to the tee sign of the hole you sponsor.
$100- gets your name on a large permanent sign that will be installed near hole 1 tee pad along with the other $100 sponsors.
$250- your name or company name on permanent sign just below tee sign.

Fundraiser shirts-

$25- cotton t shirt with club logo
$30- tie dye club logo shirt
$30- dry fit shirt with club logo
( please order you shirt before June 6 to ensure we have your size )

This years 21 hole layout and rules...
AM's (below advanced [includes AM, age protected divisions]) - Blue tee pads
Adv.- Gold teepads (this includes the new tee pad on 2)
Open- Gold and Black 13
All tee pads will be marked with corresponding colored flags. (Blue and Gold [yellow])
Dropzones (DZ) will be marked with pink flags.
OB will be marked with white.
All players may take free optional relief from poison ivy's.
All players may take 1 meter of relief from fences without barbed wire.
All players may take 2 meters relief from fences with barbed wire (hole 12).

1- Par 4, Gold 720' Blue 608'
To temporary pin position. OB path and beyond on right, OB line along the left side of the fairway. All drives the go OB go to the DZ along the right side of the fairway at the cost of 1 stroke.

2- Par 3, Gold 230' Blue 189'
No OB in play.

2A- Par 3, Gold & Blue 297'
Path and beyond OB, play from last place inbounds.

2B- Par 3, Gold 360 , Blue 280'
Path and beyond OB, play from last place inbounds.

2C- Par 3, Gold & Blue 270'
Must cross path to be inbounds, if you do not cross you must re-tee at the cost of 1 stroke.

3- Par 3, Gold & Blue 295'
No OB in play.

4- Par 3, Gold 276' Blue 210'
No OB in play.

5- Par 3, Gold 243' Blue 195'
No OB in play

6- Par 3, Gold and Blue 251'
No OB in play.

7- Par 3, Gold 363' Blue 231'
Allow players on 18 to tee first, then tee on 7 and proceed down the fairway at the same time. No OB in play

8- Par 5, Gold 930' Blue 663' (right position)
Frog pond is OB, player must be outside the line of rocks (Not in play from blue tee). Path plays as river, creek on Green also plays OB. Play from the last place inbound at the cost of 1 stroke.

9- Par 5, round 1 Gold 878' Blue 765' (wooded position on right)
round 2 Gold 912' Blue 799' (straight position in open)
Path plays as river. You must go to the right side of the mando tree to proceed. Of you have past the line on left side of mando tree, you will go to the drop zone at the cost of 1 stroke. Frog pond just before green is OB, player must be outside ring of rocks to be inbound.

10- Par 3, Gold 360' Blue 268' (elevated postion)
Must make it between 2 mando trees in order to proceed (mando only for gold tee). Players who miss mando will go to the DZ at the cost of 1 stroke. Path and beyond OB

11- Par 3, Gold 306' Blue 261'
Players must land in and stay in the skull island, disc touching rocks are in. Players who miss will go to the DZ (red tee) at the cost of 1 stroke (per try). If you cross inbounds from the DZ but land outside, you are able to proceed to the last place inbounds at the cost of 1 stroke.

12- Par 3, Gold and Blue 277'
You must cross path in order to be inbounds. Players who do not cross will proceed to DZ on the left fairway. Water is OB, as well as the fence behind the basket, players who go into water or go past the OB fence also proceed to DZ. All players get 2 meters relief from OB fence.

13- Par 5, Black (open players only) 1071', Gold (advanced players only) 835', Blue 677
Path plays as river. Play from last place inbounds. RIGHT SIDE OF FENCE WILL PLAY AS HAZARD, UP TO 14'S FAIRWAY MARKED BY LINE. Hazard means you play where it lies at the cost of 1 additional stroke. Creek and beyond behind basket is OB.

14- Par 3, Gold and Blue 297'
Creek and beyond play OB. Play from last place inbounds at the cost of 1 stroke.

15- Par 4, Gold and Blue 620'
Player must go to left side of temporary mando. (Next to 16 tee, to ensure you are not throwing over 16 tee). Player who miss Mando will go to DZ at the cost of 1 stroke.

16- Par 3, Gold and Blue 249'
No OB in play.

17- Par 3, Gold 348' Blue 286'
No OB in play.

18- Par 4, Gold 604' Blue 507'
To temporary pin position. Foot ball field is OB, 1's fairway is OB, as well as behind the basket near tournament central (marked by string). Player who go OB will play from the last place inbounds at the cost of 1 stroke.
If you get to tee at the same time as a group on 7, players on 18 are to tee off first, then wait and allow 7 to tee off, then proceed down the fairway at the same time.

Refund policy

Travis Hurt is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Joseph Bonet6766133
2Chad Yeatts7065135
3Austin Lytle7165136
4Dylan Wooten7168139
5Andrew Vanstone7366139
6Dylan Holt7372145
7Martin Young7175146
8Brian Ketelsen7375148
9Brett Porter7574149
10Mark Spaugh7478152
11Elijah House7876154
12Brandon Guice8273155
Pro Masters 50+
1Brian Benton6973142
2David DeHart7371144
3Alan Hause7077147
4Mike Haney7378151
4Mustang Harris7378151
6Chad Rickel7280152
1Jason Hartley6969138
2Phillip Murray7168139
3Jordan Dye7169140
4Alex Huebner7270142
5Caleb Sugg7469143
6Ot Arounleut7074144
7Tyson Puckett7569144
8Zac Parkerson7076146
9Nathan Skinner7274146
10Rob Sheppard7572147
11Jonathan Peek7671147
12Timothy Johnson7672148
13Drew Dillard7874152
14Matthew Landers7777154
15Cameron Brown7679155
15Joshua Swaney7679155
17Daniel Exumé7877155
18Julian Thompson7780157
19Dylan Spangenberg7880158
20Scott Livingston7980159
21Daniel Landers7983162
22Garrett Cooper8479163
23Josh Reim7886164
Amateur Masters 40+
1Jeremy Lockwood7064134
2Jim Luppino6867135
3Mark Bellard7972151
4Tony Thomas7881159
5Randy Beavers8377160
Amateur Masters 50+
1Redan Randy Tedder7267139
2Tracey Baird7271143
3Jack Buzz Landers7370143
4Steven Camp8071151
5John Kimbler7579154
6Mike Fortner7975154
7Rodney Baxley8076156
Amateur Masters 60+
1Joseph Evans7877155
2Sam Barfield8079159
3Tommy Sammons8278160
4Ted Chancey8586171
Amateur Masters 70+
1Glenn Dunlap8582167
2John Christy8889177
3James Newland107-107
1Adam Wesolowski6767134
2Robert Marbach6965134
3Felix Vega7068138
4Colin Frazier6874142
5Cody Vitali7369142
6Peyton Wates7768145
7Andrew Harkins7472146
8Matt Polk7475149
9Daniel Manny7673149
10Samuel Johnson7181152
11Jeffery Shanon (J Roll)7478152
12JT Hamman7973152
13Jack Curran7677153
14Andrew Ashe7776153
15Mike Todd7974153
16Josh Evans7975154
17Dylan Leahy8376159
18Ryan B Burgess8478162
19Preston Coleman73-73
1Jonathon Rush7166137
2Daniel Wood6873141
3Jack Brock7568143
4Chad Spearman6876144
5Lewis Roberts7277149
6Cameron Blake7973152
7Justin Royston7679155
8Lee Johnson7778155
9Tyler Brunsvold7881159
10John Harrison7588163
11David Crim8578163
12Jordan Crim8582167
13Chris Baer8780167
14TJ Marks8685171
15Nevada Simmer8191172
16Kevin Schmenk8689175
17Peyton Stone9192183
18Adam Jennings87-87
1Francis Ivanyisky8185166
2Joseph Holland8493177
3Paul Grice9087177
4Reuben Cashon9290182
5Thomas Cashon10094194
6Gregory Lindsey123121244
Intermediate Women
1Haley Cummings9082172
Recreational Women
1Sophie Kay9497191
2Irene Tsinajinnie9898196
3Kara Stolze103-103
Novice Women
1Colette Helme11098208