The Lawless Shootout

Saturday, December 7, 2013 at Columbia Park in Kennewick, Washington
Disc golf singles tournament


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Tournament DirectorCory B

About this tournament

UPDATE The Lawless Shootout has been pushed back 1 week, to be played on DECEMBER 14th, with the same schedule. We apologize to any of those who may be inconvenienced by this, but given the situation with the weather (with the peak lows on Saturday), it may be a difference of 10+ more players showing up for the fundraising event. And, we don't wan't people playing in miserable conditions, where their game and health may be put at some risk! Please help spread the word! Any who pre-registered and won't be able to make it on December 14th will get a full refund Contact TD Cory at (509) 591-1599

*NOTICE the course shown is Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA. Only because James J. Lawless Park in Richland, WA is new and not listed on discgolfscene at this time.

The Lawless Shootout is an Innova Sponsored Fundraiser Disc Golf Tournament for James J. Lawless Disc Golf Course!

2 Rounds of 18 Holes at James J. Lawless Park in Richland, WA with newly installed tee pads and the first revealing of alternate basket locations for 1 of the rounds.

Saturday, December 7th
Registration 8:00-9:00
9:00-9:15 Player’s Meeting
9:30 Round 1 Tee
1 Hour lunch break following first round
Round 2 Tee Time TBD
Games/Raffle/Awards directly following last round

Pro - $50 OR ($40 + 2 Used Discs)
Advanced - $45 OR ($35 + 2 Used Discs)
Intermediate - $40 OR ($30 + 2 Used Discs)
Recreational - $35 OR ($25 + 2 Used Discs)
Juniors - $15
(Payouts to top 50% of the Field)
IMPORTANT NOTICE (FOR THOSE PAYING ONLINE WHO WOULD LIKE TO "DONATE" 2 DISCS, BRING THE DISCS TO THE TOURNAMENT AND YOU WILL GET $10 BACK FROM YOUR INITIAL ENTRY FEE) Get rid of unwanted/unused discs, while saving some money from your entry fee; All Used Disc Donations will be put up for auction to help fund James J. Lawless Disc Golf Course.

Online Registration:

Scrip items and Raffle include Innova merchandise and tournament stamped discs:
Metal Flake Firebirds/Destroyers/Apes
Glow KC Pro Rocs/Aviars
Champion Eagles
Ontario Star Rocs
I-Dye Champion Teebirds

(CFRs also available for sale: Glow Champion Destroyers and Roc3s ($20), as well as Columbia River Disc Golf Club Sweatshirts ($32).

Player Pack for ALL players Includes a Tourney Stamped Glow KC Pro or Champion disc of choice and mini.

CTPs, Ring of Fire, Putting Contest, Ace Pot
Skittles Challenge (Discatcher Travel Basket Prize) (
Massive Raffle (Includes Discatcher Sport Basket)
Raffle Tickets: $1 Each

Come out for a great time on a newly integrated course, and help support the local disc golf community!

TD Contact: Cory (509) 591-1599


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