The Hephaestus Open at Cross Farms

Sunday, June 13, 2021 at Cross Farms in Tolland, Connecticut
Disc golf doubles tournament

The Hephaestus Open at Cross Farms graphic


Tournament DirectorVictor Hurtuk
Asst. Tournament DirectorGavin Plourde

About this tournament

Charity BYOP Dubs tournament to raise funds for Cross Farms DGC. Sponsored by Hyzer Disc Sports of Vernon.

I. 2 rounds: (on traditional 18 hole layout, subject to change)
Round 1- alternate throws
-both players tee off from each hole then decide who's throw to go with and alternate (i.e. Players A&B tee off. They use Player A's drive, Player B throws next)
Round 2- best disc (each player gets to throw from the best previous throw)

II. Special holes:
A. "The Hydra"- Hole 4. Teams must decide which basket they will be throwing at; Main basket or Alt basket. Beware! Hit a "Hydra," and 2 more seem to pop up. Team must verbally announce prior to 1st team drive which basket going for. If forgotten, opponent gets to choose which basket, AFTER both have thrown!
B. "Feats of Hercules"- Hole 12. If a Herculean drive reaches past the Alt basket, the team will receive the skin of the Nemean lion to take to King Eurystheus at a designated spot within Circle 1 by the basket.
C. "Island of Sicily"- Hole 15 will be an island hole. Teams must land inside the flagged island to be "in bounds." Watch out for the Cyclopes! If neither shot lands inside flagged circle, team's next shot will be from drop zone and penalized 1 stroke to cross River Styx.
Drop Zone- the front edge of the bridge (
round 1- only 1 player may throw from this spot, round 2- both are allowed)

III. A team can purchase 10 mulligans for the 1st round only. Mulligans can be bought on the day of the event prior to the player meeting of Round 1.
-1 mulligan/ team may be used on a hole (If a player doesn't like their shot, the team must decide to have the same player re-take their shot). The team may then select the better of the 2 shots.

IV. AcePot- if no Aces are hit the proceeds will go to the Course fund.

V. CTP's- There will be specific division CTP's throughout the rounds.

VI. Scoring- 1 team will use UDisc, other team will use Paper Card as backup to be turned in after each round.

VII. Ring of Fire- SPECIAL PRIZE- a Temporary basket will be placed in an open space. All players will find a spot with a putter on Circle 1. TD will count down "3-2-1" at which point all players will take a putt towards the basket.
*only players who make putt may retrieve disc. All others stay put.
Process will repeat. This process continues until there is only 1.
If 2+ players remain and NO ONE makes putt, entire process starts all over with ALL PLAYERS.

VIII. Carry in/ Carry out- The Cross Farms Maintenance Group has been working hard to tidy up the course. This is NOT a PDGA event, so "hydrate" responsibly. Remember, butts are litter. Please check with your card to make sure they are comfortable.

IX. Other Olympic Activities- most likely there will be soccer and baseball games going on as well as children on Adam's Adventure. Please respect young ears.

The course is closed for the day (I have the permits). But realize the community most likely isn't aware. You may encounter people on the trails. Politely either wait for them to pass or ask if they can wait for throws to be made so they may safely pass.
Cross Farms DGC is looking to put in new baskets, update signage, complete Alt layout, and create a useable kiosk for information, among other updates.

Refund policy

Cross Farms Maintenance Group is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.