The Great Gaggle

Saturday, June 19, 2021 at Van Buren Central Park in Baldwinsville, New York
Disc golf teams tournament


Tournament DirectorBrad Hartstein
Co-TDDylan Rees

About this tournament

Welcome to the First Annual Great Gaggle at Van Buren Park. Carpooling encouraged

This is a BYOP Combined Score Triples event. All Proceeds for this event will go to our fund for permanent tee pads on the course.

Players pack:
All players regardless of division will receive a custom stamped disc as designed by our own Karin Falcone. Depending on registration numbers their may be other added goodies.

One Round Gaggle Golf, Combined Score
One person on your team will shoot from one of three tee pads at each hole (Blue, White, or Gold) to the same basket.
You must have a team mate shoot from each of the three tee pads but that person does not need to shoot the same color tee the entire round.
All three teammates will play out their drive on each hole.
Scoring on a hole will be determined by the combined score of all three team members.

Team Mulligans: A Team can purchase up to 10 mulligans before the round. They can be used by any member of the team at any time during the round. There are no limits on how many mulligan can be used on a single shot. If a mulligan is used that is the position to be used moving forward. Unused mulligans will be forfeited.

Divisions: (All team members should meet these criteria, TD reserves the right to balance the field)

Open: This should be for teams that have played advanced or higher in the last year regardless of age

Intermediate: This is for teams that have played only intermediate or lower in the past year.

Mixed: This is for teams that include at least one female participant.

Other Stuff: Raffle, CTP's and whatever else I come up with between now and then.

Refund policy

Central New York Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Mixed Division (Mens and Womens)
Round 1: Van Buren Central Park - The Great Gaggle 2021 (Combined Score GBW), 54 holes, par 175
1Bird Law171171$200
2Basket Cases172172$100
3Squirtle Squad179179$70
4Brittany and Her Boobs191191$40
5Mark's Meat Sauce200200
6Three Disc Mafia203203
7AA. Aces and Alcohol208208
8The Hartmanns and A Tall Guy209209
9Tree Wackers212212
10Raging Bulls264264
Round 1: Van Buren Central Park - The Great Gaggle 2021 (Combined Score GBW), 54 holes, par 175
1Team Geritol174174$230
2Team Pineapple175175$180
3Birdies or Bogeys176176$160
4Send It177177$130
5Two G's and a Lefty178178$90
6Jurassic Parked182182$60
7Basket Hunters185185$34
8Alien Anhyzer186186
8Team MacEllinski186186
10Chain Gang 3.0187187
10The Firebirds187187
12Three Man Weave188188
13The Billy Zane Fan Club190190
14Projectile Disfunction191191
15The Three Putz192192
16Triple J194194
17Wolf Pack196196
18Aced Your Mom197197
18Two and a Half Men197197
20Flock of Sigl202202
21Dude, Where's my par?204204
Round 1: Van Buren Central Park - The Great Gaggle 2021 (Combined Score GBW), 54 holes, par 175
1Fowl Behavior159159$180
2Jake and His Members163163$90
3The DB.. Disc It for the Biscuit178178
4Put Name Here179179
5Rec Players192192