The Golden Horseshoe Doubles Championship

Sat-Sun, December 4-5, 2021 at King's Forest DGC in Hamilton, Ontario
Disc golf doubles tournament

The Golden Horseshoe Doubles Championship graphic


Tournament DirectorChris Ozolins
King's Forest Event CoordinatorKyle Gibson

About this tournament

Come be the first to experience Hamilton’s Brand New 18-Hole Championship Disc Golf Course! The ODSA & City of Hamilton have partnered with King’s Forest Golf Club & course designer Chris Ozolins to convert their beautiful property along the Red Hill Valley into a disc golf masterpiece.

What better way to launch a new course than competing alongside your best friend. Teams will compete in one round each day of best-shot doubles. Each player will receive a player’s pack item to commemorate the opening of Hamilton’s first public disc golf course, with $20/player supporting the new install. The restaurant and clubhouse will be open and serving breakfast, lunch & drinks. We have GREAT trophies and prizes for our winners and plan to make this a perennial event moving forward.

We have received fantastic support thus far funding the purchase of 18 professional baskets, but we all know good tee pads and signage are integral to a GREAT course. A novel concept; we decided to put our faith in the community... if you build it, they will come after all. With the opportunity in front of us, and Ontario disc golfers behind us, we decided to front the extra expense, confident we’d be able to cover the balance with this event. We are hoping to reach our goal of $5000 to cover the additional expenses incurred bringing Hamilton its first Championship course. King's Forest have committed to keeping the baskets in their sleeves Fall-Spring each year with the potential for cross-season play in the future. Please consider buying raffle tickets, signing-up for a hole sponsorship, or donating during registration (or by contacting [email redacted]) to help us reach our goal. The best part? King’s Forest will be free to play for the 2021-22 winter season as a “Thank You” for your support! Just remember to book online ahead of time.

Take your team's AVERAGE rating to determine which division you belong in. Teams may play up in any division they wish but may not play in a division with a rating restricted to lower than their average.
* Players may not enter a division if their rating is >60 points above the restricted avg.

Divisions (By Team Rating)
• Gold (No Restriction)
• White (Team Avg. <935)
• Red (Team Avg. <900)
• Green (Team Avg. <850)
• Purple (Team Avg. <800)

If you do not have a rating or are not current, register for the division you believe you fit, use your most recent tournament rating average, or email me at [email redacted] and we'll sort it out together. Let's all have fun playing a new course!

Finally, we're hosting a monster raffle with a Pound Tour Series Octothorpe, Chainstar Lite Basket, Meta Tilts, Discs coming out our ears and PLENTY more... so please, if you'd like to support the cause, pick up your tickets!

Refund policy

Ontario Disc Sports Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
All entry fees from withdrawals will be donated towards the fundraiser and players will receive their commemorative item. Raffle tickets and commemorative fundraiser items (shirts/toques) are non-refundable.


Final Results

Gold [rating 970+]
Round 1: King's Forest DGC - Main course Regular Tees, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: King's Forest DGC - Main course Long Tees, 18 holes, par 64
1Timothy Bogart
Tyler Jeffery
5151102 (-22)
2Gavin Cathie
Mckinley Bainard
4955104 (-20)
3Ben Crouse
Kevin McIntosh
4957106 (-18)
4Duane Chris
Zac Jolliffe
5354107 (-17)
4Huy Pham
Jeff Steele
5057107 (-17)
6Dave Northrup
Matt Galbraith
5059109 (-15)
7Caleb Frisby
Josh Prine
5456110 (-14)
7Joe Vander Veen
Jonathan Millman
5357110 (-14)
9Ian Canham
Joe DiCecca
5461115 (-9)
10Bryan McDonald
Jessica Goulet
5860118 (-6)
White [rating <935]
Round 1: King's Forest DGC - Main course Regular Tees, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: King's Forest DGC - Main course Long Tees, 18 holes, par 64
1Andrew Spelman
Grant Banting
5057107 (-17)
2Aaron Larson
Jody Slade
5259111 (-13)
3Kip Keith
Mike Masters
5161112 (-12)
4Darrel Nantais
Evan Phillips
5360113 (-11)
5Chris Thompson
Dale Semple
5262114 (-10)
6Ryan De Rose
Shawn Walker
5362115 (-9)
7Andrew Lefler
Eric Davidson
5858116 (-8)
8Aydan Schat
Ben Bonsma
5761118 (-6)
8David Dankowski
Jeremy Dankowski
5959118 (-6)
8Eli Schat
Kalan Schat
5563118 (-6)
11Aaron Schat
Liam Schat
5763120 (-4)
11Alan Morrison
Mike Riehl
6060120 (-4)
11Blair Miskie
John MacLeod
6060120 (-4)
14Brian Gould
Matt Sellar
5964123 (-1)
14Chad Ecker
Patrick Kirkwood
6162123 (-1)
14Jeff Robinson
Rick Gomes
5964123 (-1)
17Patrick Walker
Pete Bolitsky
5569124 (E)
18Brandon Wagensveld
Spencer Kerssies
5669125 (+1)
Red [rating <900]
Round 1: King's Forest DGC - Main course Regular Tees, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: King's Forest DGC - Main course Regular Tees, 18 holes, par 60
1Dylan Michaud
Wallace Kent
5753110 (-10)
2Eric Gauvin
Jason McArthur
5755112 (-8)
3Carter Chin
Jaleel Paje
5855113 (-7)
3Darren Berseth
Simon Shaw
5558113 (-7)
5Dusty Zags
Luke Richards
5955114 (-6)
5Noah Kunej
Zack Marshall
5955114 (-6)
7Brandon Rice
Spencer Young
6055115 (-5)
7Chris Halcovitch
Matt Dykeman
5857115 (-5)
7Michael Marinaro
Nick Shanks
6154115 (-5)
10Brandon Crabb
Joshua Colwell
5759116 (-4)
11Bryan Shantz
Ryan McFarlane
5760117 (-3)
12Eric Conlon
Sandy Nottingham
6256118 (-2)
13Brandon Stadnyk
Kok-Wah Seet
6455119 (-1)
14Fred Snow
Jennifer Snow
5961120 (E)
15Neil Quinlan
Shane Slipetz
6061121 (+1)
16Luke Cronsberry
Mark Cronsberry
6558123 (+3)
17Isaac Hiebert
Tom Raper
6263125 (+5)
18George Parnell
Stan Parnell
6663129 (+9)
Green [rating <850]
Round 1: King's Forest DGC - Main course Short Tees, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: King's Forest DGC - Main course Regular Tees, 18 holes, par 60
1David Bocianowski
Jason Landry
5055105 (-15)
2Ian Fingland
Jeff Langballe
4861109 (-11)
2Ken Michelin
Nick Guterres
5158109 (-11)
4Audrey Fu
Dario Zgrablic
5159110 (-10)
5Alejandro Diaz Yana
Sergio Diaz Yana
5359112 (-8)
6Doug Michaud
Trennt Michaud
5261113 (-7)
7Chris Tieman
Matthew Hall
5659115 (-5)
8Karl Forbes
Nikko Forbes
5462116 (-4)
8Robbie McKay
Tommy Bisbicos
5561116 (-4)
10Josh Parsons
Nathaniel Stajov
5464118 (-2)
11Jeff Shoots
Tim Watkins
5366119 (-1)
12Brad Kleiboer
Claire Herron
5862120 (E)
13Andrew Dupont
Chris Labelle
5369122 (+2)
14Bradley Reimer
Kyle Reimer
5970129 (+9)
Purple [rating <800]
Round 1: King's Forest DGC - Main course Short Tees, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: King's Forest DGC - Main course Short Tees, 18 holes, par 60
1Josh "The Kid" Reimer
Leah Hollinsworth
5450104 (-16)
2Ben Somer
Chris Whetstone
5253105 (-15)
3Andrew Fell
Patrick Russell
5453107 (-13)
4Angelica Haggert
Drake Baird
5553108 (-12)
4Bryan Ames
Michael Heron
5553108 (-12)
4Dale Coutts
Martin Coutts
5454108 (-12)
7Brendan McClement
Melissa Morlidge
5752109 (-11)
7Jamieson Francis
Matthew Winters
5851109 (-11)
7Marijke Daalderop
Rebecca Campbell
5851109 (-11)
10Carolyn Baltrunas
Lisa Eschli
5654110 (-10)
10Chris Gardner
Peter Marinakos
5753110 (-10)
12Megan Scott
Rachel Dubeau
5754111 (-9)
13Tim Keeler
Tobin Izatt
5854112 (-8)
14Eavan O’Brien
Heather Gilmore
5957116 (-4)
15Connor Hocking
Ethan McKellar
6256118 (-2)
15Genna Habbershaw
Stephanie Croft
6058118 (-2)
17Ryan Pathirana
Sebastian Hall
6765132 (+12)
18Evan Pathirana
Jayantha Kankanam Pathiranage
6866134 (+14)
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