The Freedom Ironman

PDGA logoSaturday, August 29, 2020 at Freedom Park in Valdosta, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

The Freedom Ironman graphic


Tournament DirectorWilliam Holt
Assistant TDNicholas Johnson

About this tournament

Competitors will be put through a series of tests that are both physically and mentally challenging as they make their way through our 60 hole disc golf gauntlet. In order to be crowned champion you will have to survive the treachery of trees, the whirling winds, and the heat and humidity of late August in South Georgia.

Tee assignments:
Blue, white, red: MPO, FPO, ADV men, Pro 40
White, white, red: Women's Adv, Pro 50, Men's Int, Am 40.
White, red, red: All other divisions.

Players Packs:
2 Discmania Tournament Stamped Discs

We are playing the original 18 holes and the extra holes we are playing are 2A and 5A.
All pins will be in the A pin location

Refund policy

The Valdosta Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1William Hannu614946156$200
2Nicholas Masters575155163$125
3Mark Gaither615352166$90
4Eli Harrell565953168$65
5Dax Spriggs645652172
6Alex Sabal586055173
6Alfonso Chavez-Luna575957173
8Casey Morris665659181
9Lance Bass666756189
10Chris Carrasco695964192
1Taylor Collins615552168
2Shawn Haskin635554172
3Drew Greene576155173
3Michael Rader675353173
5Matthew B645855177
6Anders Juntunen656153179
7Dylan Ford595863180
8Micah Gaither646454182
9Austin Bolton656157183
10Griffin Hunt686254184
11Webb Spriggs636759189
12Jeff Byrd636859190
13Joshua Register656661192
13Justin Forsythe716655192
15Andy Ragsdale656266193
16Jason Hoover686462194
Amateur 40+
1Jim Luppino565854168
2Steven Amerson615654171
3Webb Warren635754174
4Jack Landers605957176
5James Coste636460187
6William Bowser676858193
1Kyle Conger525449155
2James Letts545755166
3Austin Dale545857169
4Joshua Young625652170
5Kaleb Skinner605557172
6Corwin Barnes586356177
7Grant Folsom596059178
8Michael Lovett596357179
9Michael Fitzwater626358183
9Noah Wayne Elliott625863183
11Tate Brown-Smith656654185
12Walker Hickey656458187
13Keith Cullivan706259191
14John Beamish646464192
14Michael Bryan626862192
16Luke Love687056194
16Nicholas Johnson626864194
18Jacob Hawkins826969220
1Richard Higbee596055174
2Cameron Canupp655357175
3Brian Sheffield675758182
4Kody Tyson666063189
5Tommy Cowart716059190
6Mickey Gregg706062192
7Sergio Villagomez656068193
8Alexis Irizarry736466203
8Harris Donaruma717062203
10Koby Kell737063206
11Kyle Austin716769207
12Brent Mooney756768210
Advanced Women
1Kara Hoover606362185
2Kristina Young746871213