The Fox Trot

PDGA logoSaturday, July 11, 2020 at Fox's Bend @ Riverside Park in Victoria, Texas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash $250

About this tournament

With recent spikes of health and safety concerns to the Covid situation, we are fully prepared to implement and include the following measures to promote, adhere and exceed suggested safety and social distancing protocol as per the PDGA, State of TEXAS and Local Government rules.

PLAYERS MEETING: Will be broadcasted on face-book event page with a link on disc golf scene including rules of play.
Player PACKS: (AMS ONLY) Player packs will be pre- packaged and distributed by staff in a drive thru style and/or during amateur payout after event.
Hole Assignments: All players would show up and proceed directly to their starting holes.

Digital scorecards: Players will have the opportunity to score and submit scorecards digitally on the PDGA webpage utilizing their mobile devise. (1) One Player will keep score for entire card. This will allow live scoring viewing by players and the public through This will require zero person to person contact, however will provide paper cards as requirement of PDGA scoring rules. CODE: foxtrot
*Please see below for additional instructions for live scoring.

6ft minimum distance rule: We will repeatedly suggest all players adhere to this suggestion

Lunch separation: Players will be encouraged and policed to stay distanced at lunch, and between rounds
Payouts: Payouts for Pro divisions will be done via PayPal. Payouts for amateur divisions will be handled by Divisions (Women, MA1 thru Novice) 3 at a time in order from 1st to last. A designated area will be established and we will have players/patrons in that area distanced. Additionally, we will ask that players sanitize their hands (provided by us) before and after looking through the inventory.

Sales: All onsite sales will be handled as above, 3 at a time and same distancing measures apply.

ACE POT: If no Ace is hit we will conduct an online random draw of the participants that were in the ace pot paying out Top 3 using
CTP / Ring Of Fire: With recent suggestions from the PDGA to minimize contact we will cancel the Closes to the Pin contest (CTP) and Ring of Fire. However we will randomly place prizes donated by sponsors in Player Packs… SO GOOD LUCK!

A. All rules set forth in the Official Rules of Disc Golf Rule 808 Scoring are in full effect and must be followed without exception.
1. For the purposes of digital scoring, usage of the terms “turn in” and “return” shall mean “submit”
B. All players must be informed that digital scoring is both official and authoritative.
1. If an incorrect score is submitted and requires correction after the payer has confirmed and submitted it, a two-throw penalty will be assessed in accordance with rule 808 G.2.
C. An alternative scoring method must be made available in the event of technical issues.
D. Digital scoring must not be forced upon players.
1. Any player or group may request, and the tournament director must provide, an alternative method of scoring for the player or group to use upon request.
2. If the player chooses to use an alternative method of scoring, event staff must verify the hole scores and total after submission.
E. Mobile devices should not be shared amongst players.
1. Players in a group may agree on a single player to keep score for the entire round.
F. Discrepancies, provisional scores, or warnings for rules infractions must be recorded for each hole in accordance with rules 808 C and 808 E.
1. Any time a provisional set of throws is recorded, the total score for the affected player should not be automatically submitted without a review and resolution by the event director.
G. Each player must review and positively confirm their scores at the end of the round before the total score is submitted.
PDGA Sanctioned C-Tier July 11th, One Day event, 2 rounds @ Fox's Bend D.G.C. Riverside Park Victoria, TX

All Amateurs will receive a Tournament Stamped Disc; First 50 will receive a bonus Tournament Key chain. (More added as sponsors get on).

Players meeting will be virtual through FB / Youtube or similar literature prior to event

We are making this event and contact less as possible so please pay attention to event page on FB for all the latest:

Refund policy

Wallace C Hall III is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. This event will follow PDGA rules for Withdraws and cancellations and refunds 1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Mason Ford5558113$305
2Connor O'Reilly6262124$215
3Caleb Wilkins6263125$130
3Fredy Meza5768125$130
5Christopher Barber6663129$90
6Erik Olden6268130$30
6Parker Standard6664130$30
8Andrew Villarreal6072132
9Chris Garcia6768135
10Justin Hinojosa6475139
11Mark Sustaita7269141
12David Chapa7468142
13Matt Gongora7176147
Pro 40+
1Jay Yeti Reading6865133$180
2Brett Barker6867135$105
3Wallace "Wally Gator" Hall7069139
4Bryan Groesbeck7372145
Pro 50+
1Kevin Willis7271143$205
2Tony Hankey7374147$130
3Ron Engebretson7078148$90
4Michael Ortega7673149
5Rick Taylor7875153
6Garry Dworaczyk7885163
Open Women
1Valerie Mandujano7066136$165
2Alexis Mandujano7369142$95
3Shannon Barker8187168
4Veronica Hairell Grahmann9484178
1Robert Burridge6862130$185
2Cameron Cote6566131$135
3Guy Groves6766133$105
4Matt Graves6767134$85
5Lucas Wuestewald7065135$70
6Alan Rohan6671137$55
7Israel Cantu6772139$45
8Michael Andrews6872140$40
9James Grahmann7369142
10Dwayne Calcote Jr7370143
11Toby “Tobster” Clarkson7571146
11Tres VanDusen7274146
13Ryan DeSpain7672148
14Tyler Priour7574149
15Jordan Disch8075155
16Tyler Willemin7779156
Amateur 40+
1Johnathan Bente6767134$115
2Ben Evans6870138$75
3Bart Miller7270142$55
4Pablo Reyes7371144$35
5Rene Garza7174145
6Louis “sweet Lou” Evans IV7770147
7Craig Fraser8484168
1Rob Burridge7069139$105
2Michael Hufschmid7368141$80
2Ryan West7071141$80
4Kris Thomas7472146$55
5Johnathon Martinez7775152$30
6Brad Richards7776153
6Tim Donegan7677153
8Ricky Falcon7882160
9Scott Davis8083163
10Jeffrey Pruitt8285167
1Allan Best6869137$80
2Henry Bente7563138$70
3Kris Ford6871139$60
4Blaise Mosmeyer7274146$50
5Edward "Chickenwing" Dubberke7573148$40
6Waylon Ford7279151$25
7Nick Padgett7973152
8Chris Reid7579154
9Chris De Luna8180161
9Gabriel Casarez8378161
11Edgar Santoyo8577162
11Kevin Woliver7785162
13Alvaro Rios8985174
1Jose Luis Gutierrez8175156$70
2Jeffrey Powell8077157$50
3Trent Powell8376159$30
4Willie Leos8482166
5Payton Ford9795192
6Camden Ford99105204
Intermediate Women
1Kimberly Schneider8279161$60
2Dee Williams9398191$40
3Amy Martinez9896194
4Maria Williams97-97