The Fall 45

Saturday, September 19, 2020 at Crystal Pond in Woodstock Valley, Connecticut
Disc golf singles tournament

The Fall 45 graphic


Tournament DirectorMichael Morin
Co Tournament DirectorBrian Bombria

About this tournament

The Fall 45 is 45 holes of singles golf for $45
Round 1 (9 holes) will be played at Edward Garrison Park, Chaplin CT
Rounds 2&3 (36 holes) will be played at Crystal Pond Park, Woodstock Valley CT

$30 per player goes towards payout in your division (A,B,C Pool)
$5 per player is added to automatic ace pot
$5 per player goes to Crystal Pond Park course fee
$5 per player used towards Tournament supplies, CTPs, provided water, provided snacks, hand sanitizer etc

Refund policy

Michael Morin / Brian Bombria is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Crystal Pond
Woodstock Valley, CT   Get Directions

Final Results

A Pool (Pro/Advanced)
1George Reichardt244648118
2Brian Bombria274848123
3Alex Dragon264949124
4Paul Krans274953129
5Brandon Thuotte255952136
5Dean Chapman285454136
5Gregory Miller305056136
5Liam Seguin265555136
9Brian Farley295852139
10Jakob LaPorte295657142
10Joe Richardson286153142
12Jackson Grudzien286154143
12John Griggs275957143
14Drew Nascembeni305861149
15Joe Wellwood316564160
B Pool (Intermediate)
1Dylan Locke305854142
2Solomon Rueschemeyer-Bailey255958142
3Chip O'Lari345456144
4Elijah Mishkind295959147
4Matt Laskowski286257147
6Jonny Taylor295960148
6Skyler Phelan295663148
8Jim Rosenberger305762149
8Micki Smith345857149
10Ernie Bardier305862150
10Jean-Paul Breault315663150
12Dave Shaw316360154
13Raymond Quinn356670171
C Pool (Beginner)
1Noah Fay285856142
2Scott Gilden266161148
3Nathan Hamlett355859152
4David Alvarez316660157
5Jessica Chapman376963169
6Elizabeth Trosell376670173
7Matt Taylor337570178
8Jake Maier446974187